Monday 9 July 2018

Safer Neighbourhood Update

I would like to bring the following to your attention following last week's meeting.

Delaney House
Slightly outside the Triangle, but the police are appealing for information. 

On 22nd May at approximately 2:20pm near Delaney House (Thames Street, SE10), there was a shooting whereby a male was seriously assaulted by another male.  Did you see, hear or capture the event on any devices? In the strictest confidence please contact Trident Gang Crime Command on 020 8247 4863 or 07585 888841.

The Village Food & Wine shop in Greenwich Town centre is currently under investigation from the London Fire Brigade following a fire at the premises on 28 June. It appears the fire started in a timber structure at the rear of the building.

mobile phone theft on the rise
Mobile phone theft is rising at an alarming rate with Police now advising you not to use your phone whilst walking in the street. There has been a recent spate of thieves on mopeds who snatch phones from pedestrians within the Town centre.  Always be aware of your surroundings and if you need to make a call, keep it brief and stand away from the road.

Within the Triangle, during the last two months there has been 6 burglaries, 4 reported incidents of thefts from motor vehicles, 2 reported incidents of tampering to motor vehicles and 1 stolen bike.

If you need to contact our Safer Neighbourhood Police Team at any time please find below their contact details:

Tel: 020 8284 5494

In an emergency always call: 999

Tina Pugh

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