Wednesday 23 February 2022

West Greenwich Hills & Vales traffic scheme to end

According to the 853 local news website:

Greenwich Council is to scrap its low-traffic neighbourhood in streets west of Greenwich Park – only a year after a senior councillor promised that the scheme would “just be the start” of measures to cut traffic in the borough’s back streets.

The decision, due to be signed off by Labour transport cabinet member Sarah Merrill this week, ends an 18-month scheme where through traffic was stopped from passing down Crooms Hill, Royal Hill, Point Hill and Maidenstone Hill following complaints from residents about rat-running and antisocial behaviour from drivers trying to avoid queues on the A2. 

More details on the 853 website, here.

Friday 18 February 2022

Shelter donation update

An update on the takings from the Christmas Carol collection organised by Robin and Janet Stott last December. An additional £105 was collected by Pepina at the Ashburnham Arms, making a generous total of £335 donated to Shelter, the charity for the homeless.

Well done, everyone.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

New street lights

Residents in the Triangle wondering why they have new, brighter streetlights may find this information from the Council interesting: 

The Council has secured a £11.5 million loan from The Mayor of London’s Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF) to replace all its 20,000 traditional street lights with modern LED equivalents – saving £1million a year in energy and maintenance costs.

The new light-emitting diode lanterns, known as LEDs, will ensure that the borough’s streets are lit to the current modern standards, but they are also highly efficient and environmentally friendly as they concentrate light on where it is needed with less light pollution. Light will be more evenly distributed down the road - making streets feel safer.

More details on the Council's website.  Lights have already been replaced on Egerton Drive and Langdale Road this week

Bike Marking this weekend

Please join us at Cutty Sark Gardens this Sunday 6th February from 10am-3pm for free bike marking. Registering your bike helps police and retailers identify and verify the legitimate owner of bikes that have been stolen or are being resold. It is an effective, visible deterrent for bike thieves.

Claire, ATA Security 

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Proposed Deptford Creek heritage trail

Many of you will have enjoyed Mick Delap’s excellent talks on the history of Deptford Creek. We are now very pleased to have a Feasibility Study for a proposed Creek heritage trail (CreekLink). This has been produced with the help of landscape designer and architect Madeleine Adams (Studioma). Funding for the Feasibility Study came from The Ashburnham Triangle Association, The Greenwich Society and the Greenwich Industrial History Society.  

Here’s a link to the proposal. Please take a look. We welcome your feedback. Comments to or