Thursday 30 November 2017

Christmas Crime Prevention Advice 2017

Our Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team have notified us of a recent burglary in Egerton Drive which took place between 8/11/2017 and 12/11/2017 and remind you that burglary CAN increase this time of year due to darker nights and as households are expected to be stocked up on presents.

They have also published a list of useful tips on Christmas Shopping, Personal Safety, Home Security and Vehicle Crime for your information and to help keep you safe and secure, and to prevent crime.

Greenwich West Safer Neighbourhood Team
Christmas Crime Prevention
Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, including the criminals. We know, however, that a high percentage of crime is opportunistic, and can be prevented by taking some simple precautions.

“Don’t let the criminals enjoy Christmas at your expense”
Christmas Shopping

1.    Make sure your bank card isn’t a gift for pickpockets. When the shops are crowded they have more chance to steal from you.

2.    Keep your purse or wallet close to your body and never in your back pocket or the top of a handbag.

3.    Try to pay using a debit card rather than carrying lots of cash.

4.    Always keep your pin number secret and be aware who is around when you are withdrawing cash from a machine.

5.    Never leave credit or debit receipts lying around – some of them carry your card details.

6.    Keep cheque books and bank cards separate and never write down your pin number.

7.    Always use a secure and well lit car park and never leave shopping bags on display in your car.

Image result for personal safety images uk
Personal Safety 
Try to plan your evening in advance
1.    Get your cash out of the ATM during daylight hours.

2.    Make arrangements to get home safely – check timetables or programme the number off a reputable taxi firm in to your phone.

3.    Use available public transport or pre book a taxi rather than walking home.

4.    Make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you will be back.

Look after yourself and your belongings

1.    Never leave coats or bags on the back of chairs, where thieves can get them.

2.    Don’t accept drinks from strangers or leave yours unattended.

3.    Keep your wits about you – too much alcohol makes you vulnerable.

4.    Stick with your friends and don’t walk home alone.

5.    Never take short cuts late at night, stick to well lit main routes.

Don’t drink too much

1.    If you are clearly drunk you may attract the attention of an opportunist thief.

2.    Look after friends if they’ve had too much to drink make sure they get home safely.

If you are using your mobile at night

1.    Be aware who is around you.

2.    Set it to vibrate rather than a loud ring tone, so you don’t attract people’s attention.

3.    Don’t walk and text, you are likely to be distracted and you are giving a potential thief a chance to see what type of phone you have.

Home Security
1.    Leaving presents under the tree in full view from outside can attract the attention of thieves – keep them out of sight until Christmas day.

2.    If you store larger items such as bikes in a shed or outer building make sure they are secure.

3.    Once you’ve opened all your gifts, don’t leave the boxes on view outside to advertise your good fortune to criminals.

4.    Leave a light and radio on a timer if you are going away for Christmas or having a night out.

5.    As a fire precaution don’t leave Christmas lights on whilst you are out.

6.    If you go away for Christmas, cancel your milk and newspaper deliveries.

7.    Lock all outside doors and windows, and if you have a burglar alarm make sure it is in full working order and set before you go away.

8.    Neighbours may be able to help you by collecting post, opening and closing curtains and they could occasionally park their car on your drive.

9.    Genuine delivery personnel usually have uniforms and delivery vehicles and should not need to come into your home. Charity collectors will have identification and will not be offended if you ask to see it.
Vehicle Crime

If you are taking your car on a Christmas shopping trip

1.    Use well lit, secure car parks.

2.    Don’t leave anything in your car, remove everything of value before you go shopping – including sat navs and car stereos.

3.    Security mark your sat nav with property coding devices or ultra violet markers and Register your sat nav with . This will help to reunite you with them if they are stolen.

4.    Keep a record of your sat nav equipment serial numbers.

5.    Open the parcel shelf and glove box to show there is nothing of value left in the vehicle.

6.    Don’t return to your car to leave purchases in the boot before continuing with your shopping as thieves may watch car parks.

7.    When at home keep your car keys hidden and away from doors, windows and letterboxes.


Please follow us on twitter @MPSGreenwichwst , @metpoliceuk or @mpsGreenwich.  You will find out about Local Events, Crime prevention, Appeals for Missing People and Good news Stories.

If you would like to be part of a Neighbourhood watch Scheme (NHW) or become a NHW co-ordinator, please contact PCSO 7266RG Lawton on the contacts below.

Greenwich West Safer Neighbours Team

0208 284 5494 / 07843 065 877
Use these numbers in a non emergency situation to inform police of events and incidents which do not need reporting.

Use this number to report non urgent crime

In an emergency always dial 999

 We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
ATA Security Hub. 

Wednesday 29 November 2017

REMEMBER REMEMBER the 7th December - Charity BINGO Night

Some of the prizes on offer at Bingo Night!

Fabulous prizes on offer at the very first Bingo Night taking place at The Ashburnham Arms next Thursday 7th December, all in aid for the charity Tommy's.

We have an amazing prize for one lucky individual to have some pampering at the House of Charles Worthington for a free cut and finish with one of their top senior stylists.

Also on offer:

  • Top West End Theatre Tickets donated by Ambassador Theatre Group
  • Fizz courtesy of Majestic Wines
  • Cinema tickets from Greenwich Picture House
  • Beauty gifts from Body Shop
  • Confectionary delights 
and many many more.....and not forgetting Tommy the Teddy Bear needs a new home for Christmas!

Five games of Bingo plus a raffle. Starts promptly at 8pm.

You have to be IN IT to WIN IT.  See you there!

Saturday 25 November 2017

Chrissie Gittins poetry reading December 5th

Irena Hill says:

'The last in-words event of 2017 is going to be an appropriately joyful one: no jingly bells and carols, but some prose - funny and profound at the same time - and verse - for adults and children - by award-winning author Chrissie Gittins (you have 3 more days to catch her on Countryfile 

Chrissie is passionate about nature and its vocabulary, as shown in her poetry book Adder, Bluebell, Lobster. She has a way with words in prose too, as demonstrated in Between Here and Knitwear, her short story collection reviewed by Nicholas Lezard (Guardian) as "bloody brilliant. I can’t remember the last time I read prose so limpid, so carefully unflashy, so exact".

So, do come to hear Chrissie read from these and other published books, to have a few drinks and the opportunity to buy Chrissie's books for children and grown-ups. Another free event.'  

Thursday 23 November 2017

Last gardening session of 2017 on Saturday

Entrance to no 75 Ashburnham Grove. Garden gate on right
Green Hub gardeners will gather this Saturday morning for the last time this year at number 75 Ashburnham Grove, the home of people with learning difficulties

10am-12pm. Tea break at about 11 am

Some of us might be working in the front garden. But, if not, the back garden gate will be open. It's to the right of the building (pictured). Go in and say hello, you will be most welcome. No need to bring gardening tools. 

Planting daffodil bulbs last year
This November the gardeners haven't planted any daffodil bulbs. The Council are doing that instead - to make up for having prematurely cut the tops off the daffodils the Green Hub planted in previous years in various corners of the Triangle

Free eBooks by local author

Ashburnham Triangle writer Neil Bailey has his first two novels available as free Kindle downloads on November 23rd and 24th as part of a global Thanksgiving promotion.
When She Was Bad and Bad For Good have both received rave reviews on Amazon and GoodReads: 'A highly original and promising debut … For a debut novel, this is unusually polished' 'This novel is extraordinary in many ways. It’s crisply written, witty and entertaining with plot twists that keep you guessing throughout. The author has created characters that should endure and endear for years (and sequels) to come. Looking forward to their continuing adventures ... Bravo!'
Both books are set in and around Greenwich and feature a number of familiar locations including The Ashburnham Arms.
The two thrillers come highly recommended by the ATA’s resident avid reader Tina Pugh. You can download both books for free at or the paperback omnibus edition containing both books can be ordered for £10.99 from

Thursday 16 November 2017

Proposals for the redevelopment of Greenwich Magistrates’ Court, SE10 8PE

London Hotel Group (LHG) is working with Dexter Moren Associates, an award-winning architectural firm, on plans for the future of the former Greenwich Magistrates’ Court site and they are inviting Triangle residents to attend an exhibition preview to see their proposals. The public exhibition will be taking place at the former Greenwich Magistrates’ Court, 9 Blackheath Road, SE10 8PE at the following times:
•          Tuesday 21 November 4.00pm to 8.00pm.
•          Wednesday 22 November from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.
The preview will be an opportunity to meet the project team and discuss the plans ahead of the, wider consultation and prior to the submission of a planning application to the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
The proposals are for yet another hotel that which claims to contribute to the area and enhances the site. LHG claim they will sensitively restore the Grade II listed court building, retaining public access to the key historic rooms, and are looking at options for the surrounding buildings. LHG are suggesting that their approach will be heritage led, with appropriate architecture and materials for new buildings on site that enhance the setting of the listed building and the conservation area.
Please find here a copy of the newsletter that has been sent out to Triangle residents, inviting them to the exhibition.

The ATA’s Planning and History Hubs will be closely reviewing the proposals and any application that is made, and we would encourage Triangle residents to attend the previews and voice their concerns - you are obviously also welcome to direct those to Simon Barrs on as well.

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Greenwich driverless vehicles survey

MERGE Greenwich is a project designed to simulate how autonomous (driverless) vehicle ride-sharing could integrate with public transport systems in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) offer huge potential to revolutionise the way we perceive and use public transportation. The MERGE Greenwich project will simulate this, showing how passengers can cut travel costs by sharing vehicles with other passengers (ride-sharing) in AVs in real world situations, and help understand the roll out of AVs on UK roads.
A company called DG Cities is working in partnership with the MERGE Greenwich project and is conducting a survey to find out how individuals might respond towards an AV ride-share service. They will use the survey responses to help inform the outcome of the MERGE Greenwich project, and tailor the service design towards individual preferences.
Participants who take part in the survey would have the opportunity to win a £50 Amazon voucher.
Here is the link to the survey, which you are invited to participate in:

Tuesday 14 November 2017

A supper club comes to Greenwich, 18 November

Chef José, who used to live in the Triangle, has brought the supper club idea to Greenwich. Last weekend he held a cocktail event at the El Salvador embassy. This Saturday it's supper at the Trafalgar Café, 98 Trafalgar Road, SE10 9UW, at 7pm.  

José's wife, Anne-Claire, who used to help at our Street Party, says:

'The Trafalgar Café is nice as it looks cosy and peaceful to me.
The concept of a supper club is that everybody starts at the same time and gets the same menu (with exceptions for dietary requirements).
The idea is that you can sit with other people and meet them or have your own table depending on how many tables are available. On Saturday a group of six people have asked to be together.
Tickets are £35 per person bought in advance at the café or through José or myself. 
José provides tasting menus while other supper clubs may be simpler. There will be a Christmas tasting menu in December. 
There will be an option of pairing wines (in co-operation with the Theatre of Wine).
I thought this may be of interest for people in Greenwich as I don't think there is an equivalent in the area.'

Monday 13 November 2017

Launch of two thrillers in WG Library, 21 November

Irena Hill of In-words says:

'The wonderful, independent publisher Cinnamon Press is returning to Greenwich on November 21st to launch two of their latest works of fiction, linked by one theme: they are both thrillers.

'Cold Crash
 by Jennifer Young is a fast-paced Cold War thriller; and The Kim’s Game by Stephanie Percival is a multi-layered noir (the Kim’s game is a memory game in which items set out on a tray disappear one by one…).
'Intrigued? Do come and hear more about and from them at West Greenwich Library.  

'7pm for a 7.30 start. Drinks and nibbles provided. The event is free.'

Wednesday 8 November 2017

A Vibrant Exhibition of Pastels and Drawings by Local Artists Cristiana Angelini and Irene Butcher at West Greenwich Library until 2nd December 2017.

Come and meet the Artists on Friday 24th November, 3pm - 4pm.
Ravens Manorbier castle gardens
Autumn still life
Sunflowers in charcoal

Still life pastel red grapes

Friday 3 November 2017

Winter Security Tips and Safer Neighbourhoods Latest News

Hello everyone. We hope you are well now that the nights are drawing in and the days are getting shorter.

There has been another increase in residential burglaries in the Triangle from July - October 2017. Eleven burglaries, many of these in flats in Blackheath Road and Greenwich South Street, were notified to us by the Police at the October Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel meeting.

You can take these extra steps to remain safe in and around your home and when out and about:
  • When walking alone at night stick to main well lit routes.
  • Be vigilant when using your phone when walking alone at night.
  • Install timers which switch lights or radios on and off automatically.
  • If you go out after dark, draw the curtains and leave some lights on.
  • Fit robust locks on windows and doors.  And remember to use them.
  • Never leave a spare key concealed near the front door (burglars know all the hiding places).
  • Stop letterbox burglaries by storing keys away from the front door.
  • Don't label house keys, in case you lose them.
  • If you live in a flat don't let strangers in via the entry phone system.
  • Try and keep valuables out of sight from windows.  
At the Neighbourhood Watch meeting, also held last month, Tina Gibbons of Trading Standards gave a short talk on doorstep crime, scams and bogus callers.
Image result for neighbourhood watch sticker
There have been some worrying incidents where bogus callers have targeted and then charged elderly or vulnerable people for unnecessary repairs on guttering, leaking drains, missing roof tiles etc. Please look out for your neighbours particularly if they are elderly, be vigilant and report any bogus callers or rogue traders to the Police or Trading Standards on 020 8921 8223. You can also contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 for information about fraud and financially motivated crime.

Sadly our local West Greenwich police station in Burney Street has closed for good. The West Greenwich Safer Neighbourhoods Police team are now located in the Greenwich Park office by the Blackheath entrance gate. This is not a public office but they can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone: 020 8284 5494
E-mail: (PCSO Henry Lawton)

By mail: Greenwich Park Police Station, Greenwich Park, Blackheath Gate, Greenwich, SE10 8QY

David Scales/Tina Pugh
Security Hub