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Margaret's script and slides

Diana Rimel's History of the Ashburnham Triangle can be found here

Notes from the Ashburnham Triangle Association's History team can be found here.

This page sets out the digital history resources now available. This includes: 

-The material given to the ATA by Richard Cheffins.  Over many years Richard hand wrote facts and snippets of information about the people and places in the Ashburnham Triangle on over 500 cards. These were gradually typed up in to Microsoft Excel by three students over a period of 4 months and then checked by local resident Mick Delap.    A PDF version is available here.  A more searchable version is here.  This link opens up the document in Google docs. If "Open in GoogleSheets" is then selected the facts can be filtered by place, type of fact and by tag. The filters are the little down arrows in cells A1 to F1.  The link also  allows the document to be downloaded so it can be opened locally in MS Excel.  
- Diana Rimel’s booklet on the Ashburnham Triangle. This was first published in 2009 and Diana has kindly agreed to allow the digital version to be accessed from this website. 
-Mick Delap gave a talk on some of the history of the Triangle on 10 June 2017. 
-A photo history website of the Triangle and surrounding area which has been donated to the ATA, which can be found from this link https://greenwich.wiki.zoho.com.

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