Tuesday 26 March 2019

Safer Neighbourhoods Police Meet

ATA History Group meeting on April 11th

Please come and find out more about an exciting online London history project at the next ATA history group meeting on Thursday 11 April from 7.00pm - 8.30pm in the back room at The Ashburnham Arms. We will have two members of the project team from the Institute of Historical Research to tell us about the project and show us how we can add our own ATA history and our own stories. The project, called Layers of London, has received a substantial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Find out more on www.layersoflondon.org where you can peel back layers of London’s history to discover people and places and share your own stories, photos, documents, videos etc. The aim is to create a crowd-sourced history of London across all 32 boroughs.
Please click here to see the latest Triangle house history compiled by Margaret Luce for David Liddell, 44 Devonshire Drive and here for the related Census records.

Saturday 23 March 2019

Important meeting this Tuesday

The ATA would like to let our members  know that we will be holding a meeting (at rather short notice) on Tuesday, 26th March at 8pm at Jubilee Hall, Blissett Street SE10 8UU.
It’s regarding the Thames Tideway Tunnel Development who are now at the stage of needing to dispose of earth. Their proposal would require a 12-month period of disruption whilst a constant flow of HGV’s use key routes within the triangle.
The ATA have put out a stream of comms about the plans updating everyone via email and Facebook but as the deadline draws nearer we thought it best to have a public meeting.
This email is to let you know when the meeting is and to ask if you could please mention it to your neighbours and friends. We will ALL be affected but some much more than others.
Please do come.

Thursday 21 March 2019

Planning Committee Meeting, March 28th

Greenwich Area Planning Committee is being held on Thursday, 28 March 2019 at The Town Hall, Wellington Street,
Woolwich SE18 6PW starting at 6:00PM.
The following item is to be considered at the meeting:
Site: Thames Tideway Tunnel Development, Greenwich, SE10
Proposals: 18/3493/G Application for formal partial discharge of Schedule 3 GREPS1, CoCP
Part B (C415-GREPS-240) amendment to vehicular route to incorporate the following routes for the shaft excavation period of the project.

Access from:
• Blackheath Road (A2)
• Greenwich South Street
• Greenwich High Road (A206)(where the vehicle holding area will be located)
• Norman Road (B208)
Egress from:
• Norman Road (B206)
• Greenwich High Road (A206)
• Blackheath Road (A2)
18/3473/G Application for formal partial discharge of Schedule 3 GREPS9 (C415-GREPS-242) Worksite Specific Traffic Management Plan - Revised documents
18/3486/G - Application for formal partial discharge of Schedule 3 PW6 CoCP Part A, Section 5, paragraph 5.1.9 (C415-GREPS-243) Worksite Specific Construction
Logistics Plan
The agenda and the reports for the meeting, and the relevant procedural information, can be
accessed at the Council’s website at http://committees.royalgreenwich.gov.uk.
Please note the following:
Let Committee Services know in advance of the meeting by
telephoning 020 8921 4350 or e-mailing
committees@royalgreenwich.gov.uk if you wish to speak at this meeting on an agenda item; advise if you are speaking in favour of or objection to the proposal. Your name will be added to a list of speakers.

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Update on Thames Tideway Super Sewer

Please click here for the latest news correspondence from the ATA’s Mick Delap on the Thames Tideway Super Sewer.

The Magna Carta in Greenwich

On Monday 25th March 2019 at 7pm the Greenwich Society is unveiling the authorised facsimile of the important historical document Magna Carta, together with  a translation, in its new home in the heart of West Greenwich, the location of the estate of Geoffrey de Say, one of the rebel barons who confronted King John. Attendance is free at West Greenwich Library (146 Greenwich High Road, West Greenwich, London SE10 8NN).
Also, in June 2015 the Greenwich Society celebrated the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta at Runnymede with an event at the University of Greenwich. Join the Officers, Executive Committee and other members - as well as representatives of the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust and Greenwich Leisure Limited - for conversation and a drink to mark this occasion, where Magna Carta can now be viewed by all.

Friday 15 March 2019

Greenwich Park Revealed

Greenwich Park Revealed is a multi-million pound project that will look to conserve and enhance Greenwich Park’s natural environment and heritage, fund a sustainably built learning centre and develop training, leisure and volunteering opportunities for a growing and diverse local audience.
In December 2017, the project received a Phase 1 pass that has given development funding for a Phase 2 bid in August 2019.
Public feedback sessions were held in February and there are two more planned for April. These are an opportunity to meet staff and consultants involved in the Greenwich Park Revealed project, see plans and give them your thoughts.
The next consultations will be held in the park near the Bandstand from 10am – 4pm on the following days:
Thursday 11 April 2019          
Sunday 14 April 2019
For more information check the project website

Thursday 14 March 2019

The Cutty Sark 150 Challenge

Here’s news about an exciting event to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the iconic Cutty Sark. In her anniversary year there is to be a special Cutty Sark 150 Challenge, on 2 April. Hosted by comedian and impressionist Jon Culshaw this quiz style event will launch the fundraising campaign to secure her future for generations to come. Tickets are £65 each or £585 for table of 10, ticket sales support the future fund and include a free beer or soft drink on arrival and a two-course meal as well as the chance to win prizes and have a great night of entertainment, you don’t have to know a lot about the ship to be in with a chance to win!
Further details of which you will be able to find here: https://donate.rmg.co.uk/Event/cs150challenge

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Safer Neighbourhoods Update

Burglaries within the Triangle have dramatically reduced over the last couple of months. Although this is good news, the police are unsure as to why and where the culprits have moved onto. Our area is still under surveillance by the Police so please continue to be vigilant, double bolt your front door at night, don’t advertise when you will be away i.e. on social media. 

Some good news regarding a burglary in Langdale Road last year which was captured on a Ring Doorbell Video. The individual was caught, charged with receiving stolen goods and Class A Cocaine and has been charged with 25 months imprisonment. Proof that home camera security really does work.
One area for real concern within the Triangle is the increase of drug dealing which is blatantly taking place at anytime of the day. It’s very hard for the police to tackle this problem so they have asked for our help. If you see any individual(s) passing packages and money exchanged can you send a description of that person(s) (a photo if safe to do so) make a note of any car or bike registration number and email the details through to our Safer Neighbourhood Team on:

I’ve heard some residents say “I’ve told the police but they don’t do anything”. All emails of this nature are sent through to the intelligence team. The police rely on us to send these details through so they can build a report and then act accordingly. Successful policing depends on the correct statistics. If we don't report this type of crime then there won’t be the correct statistics for them to act on or the correct intelligence to capture the individuals involved.

Outside the Triangle

There has been numerous reports of phone snatching along the Thames footpath between the Cutty Sark and Waitrose supermarket, usually around 4pm. Young women, especially if they are pushing a pram have been especially targeted. The majority of the culprits are believed to be teenage boys from local schools, ranging form 14 to 16 in age. They tend to wear large dark hoodies to cover up their school uniform. Police have put extra resources in this area and have caught some of the individuals. Police advise not to take or make a call in this area and just be aware of your surroundings if you do need to make a call. 

The TSB in the town centre is still being targeted known as Lebanese Loop  [a device used to commit fraud and identity theft by exploiting automated teller machines (ATMs)].There are two individuals that have been captured on CCTV, the same two every time who the police are searching for. I suggest using a different ATM if you need to withdraw money in the Town Centre for the time being.

Greenwich Market has now employed their own security and patrols the perimeter of the market on all busy market days. It’s proving to be successful with some shoplifters already caught.

For your information, please find attached minutes of the last Safer Neighbourhoods Panel meeting held on 9th January 2019 here.

And finally…….
No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

By working together we can achieve a safer place to live……Remember, if you see anything suspicious call 999 immediately.

Greenwich West Safer Neighbourhood Police Team
Telephone: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour service)
eMail: westgreenwich.snt@met.police.uk

Tina Pugh
Police Liaison / ATA Security

Friday 8 March 2019

Are we really living in a violent area? Response to the recent MyLondon news article

MyLondon, a local on-line news service published an article recently entitled 'The most dangerous and safest parts of Greenwich to live in revealed'. This article has been widely circulated via social media and has also appeared on the ATA facebook page. The article stated that there were 857 reports of theft last year with 645 violent crimes, 276 burglaries and 139 criminal damage offences with Greenwich West Ward apparently the 3rd most crime related area in the borough. 

Although these figures are correct [all figures were taken from the Met Police UK website] you must remember that there are only a few categories to choose from when inputting an incident on the computer system i.e. a disagreement over a cab fare will come under the same category as someone being actually physically assaulted but the cases are completely different. It would have been beneficial for the reporter to have found out what some of the ‘violent’ cases actually were and then the article may have been worded differently.

Sergeant Diane Hill, from our Safer Neighbourhood team, contacted the reporter in question regarding this article:

“I am the safer neighbourhood sergeant for Greenwich West and Peninsula – Your article has resulted in some residents contacting me as they are worried they are now living in a very violent area, some of the roads highlighted are in West Greenwich and perceived to be generally safe roads.

I’m guessing you got your stats from Police UK - whilst it provides an overall view of crime in the area – it is not the best. For instance the two ‘violent’ crimes in Westgrove -  were an argument over facebook and a very minor assault over a cab.

Unfortunately your headline gives the impression the crimes are ‘most violent or sexual assaults, enough to worry anyone.

I thought it is important for you to know that the stats are sometime a little misleading and perhaps your headline could have been better worded. 

Diane Hill
Greenwich West & Peninsula Local Policing Teams
Greenwich Parks Police Station
0208 284 5494”

I hope this is some clarification that Greenwich is still a great and safe place to live. With respect to the amount of thefts, you must remember we have thousands of visitors every year to our town centre and where there are tourists, unfortunately there are opportunist thieves. 

Tina Pugh
Police Liaison / ATA Security