Wednesday 28 December 2016

New Year's Eve in the Triangle

There'll be a party at the Ash on Saturday night to celebrate 2016 turning into 2017. 

And a free buffet is part of it. We've learnt from fireworks night that Pepi's sandwiches are worth a lot, so to have them for free…

Looks like the Ash is also turning a corner.

Monday 26 December 2016

End of 2016 bin collections

Changes to collection days during the Christmas and New Year holidays
Usual collection dayRevised collection day
Monday 26 December 2016Tuesday 27 December 2016
Tuesday 27 December 2016Wednesday 28 December 2016
Wednesday 28 December 2016Thursday 29 December 2016
Thursday 29 December 2016Friday 30 December 2016
Friday 30 December 2016Saturday 31 December 2016
Monday 2 January 2017Tuesday 3 January 2017
Tuesday 3 January 2017Wednesday 4 January 2017
Wednesday 4 January 2017Thursday 5 January 2017
Thursday 5 January 2017Friday 6 January 2017
Friday 6 January 2017Saturday 7 January 2017
Monday 9 January 2017Normal collection

If you don't know your usual collection day, use our kerbside collection day finder:

Find your usual kerbside bin collection days

Free collections for real Christmas trees

Royal Greenwich will recycle your real Christmas tree as part of your weekly collection. If you would like us to collect your tree:

  • remove all decorations and the pot
  • place the tree at the front of your property (not in your bin)
  • make sure it is put out before 6am.

If you don't have a green-top bin you can still leave your tree at the front of your property.

If you live in a flat you should leave your real tree by the bin store.

There is no need to telephone for a special collection

Friday 23 December 2016

ATA Carol Evening great fun and a great success

This year’s ATA Carol Evening proved to be not only great fun for all who took part but we also managed to raise a record amount, £362, for Shelter, the charity for the homeless.
Our thanks to Pepina and Andy at the Ashburnham Arms for the food and hospitality, to Hugo for the roast chestnuts, Barbara for the quiz, and Robin and Janet for their organisation and enthusiasm!

“We wish you a Merry Christmas”

Friday 16 December 2016

Christmas in the Triangle

Take part in a local Christmas celebration. Come and sing carols in the Triangle streets - or be sung to. Munch mince pies and roast chestnuts beforehand, with mulled wine, and then cottage pie afterwards. And join in with the Christmas quiz. It's fun, and it's for charity.