Wednesday 28 February 2018

Digital humanism - how to cope with AI? Thurs 1 March

We benefit from robots, but what about the risks? When artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, how will homo sapiens cope? Today, gorillas and chimpanzees largely depend for their continued existence on us - could we find ourselves in a similar situation vis-à-vis robots in 50 years?

Tony Brewer will lead a discussion on digital humanism this Thursday at 7.30pm at the South-East London Humanist Group in the New Cross community library (details below).

The aim is to develop attitudes and standards for coping with artificial intelligence from a standpoint of humanist beliefs in living by evidence, reason and our common humanity and in seeking happiness in this life and helping others to do the same.

Tony's introduction will cover: basic technical concepts; examples of present and future applications; risks and benefits. Then the meeting will break into groups to discuss how to develop the principles of digital humanism.

Tony says:
"Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics and big data play a limited part in our lives now, but will soon have a major impact, and will later be normal. Driverless cars have been tested in Greenwich, have driven over one million miles in California, and are likely to become publicly available within a couple of years. Various kinds of warbots are under development. AI systems are already very sophisticated, but have restricted application at the moment. Soon they'll become generalised systems with intelligence equivalent to ours - maybe within 20 years, certainly by the end of this century. We need to plan for this future."

The South-East London Humanist Group (SELHuG) meets on the first Thursday of every month, normally at New Cross Learning, the community library at 283-285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS, in the row of shops between The Venue nightclub and New Cross Gate station. Phone 020 8469 0532. Best to confirm the venue of meetings at

Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided but everyone chips in £2 to cover the cost of premises hire. All welcome.

Digital Humanism, Thursday 1st March, 7.30pm, New Cross Learning, SE14 6AS.

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Charity Collectors, Bogus Doorstep Callers/Workers and Mysterious Chalk Marks

Hello All

An Egerton Drive resident was visited on three separate occasions last week from three different people purporting to be collecting donations for the NSPCC. Please be very wary of bogus Charity Callers and if you are at all suspicious of their identity contact the Police and let the Charity know. 

Image result for bogus charity collector imagesWe have also been notified of a resident who was approached by two white males offering to clean the gutters. This they did for £25, not an unreasonable amount, but then went on to claim that they had discovered a leaking roof/wall that needed work on. The repairs to the wall are not required and it appeared to be an attempt to defraud the resident by doing unnecessary building work. There were also concerns these men might have been planning a burglary. Fortunately the resident wised up to this and reported the incident to our Safer Neighbourhoods Police.

In a separate incident in January a couple of men, apparently from Teeside, disturbed residents in Ashburnham Grove by knocking on doors asking for money. They were rude and surly and said they were down from Teeside and needed help with their rehabilitation.
 If you come across bogus doorstep workmen/women or cold callers and are suspicious please contact the police on 999 while they are still in the area. It is worth notifying Trading Standards of any incidents so they can warn people of uninvited traders. They can also send out No Cold Caller stickers particularly for older and vulnerable residents for window or door display, which can be an effective deterrent. Contact Tina Gibbons, Trading Standards Officer, for more information.    

A member of the public has contacted the Police after noticing a series of chalk marks leading from Norman Road into Egerton Drive then into Ashburnham Grove.  These marks consist of a line of arrows with a cross at the end. It is possible these signs might be to do with a utility company but there are concerns they may have been left by burglars identifying houses to break into so please be vigilant. 

There will be a Safer Neighbourhoods Police meeting on Wednesday 7th March. You can contact us about any policing related matters or issues we can bring to the attention of the police on your behalf by

David Scales
ATA Security Hub

Safer Neighbourhoods Police contact details
Phone: 020 8284 5494
E-mail: (PCSO Henry Lawton)
By mail: Greenwich Park Police Station, Greenwich Park, Blackheath Gate, Greenwich, SE10 8QY

Sunday 25 February 2018

Murder in Greenwich High Road

The News Shopper, February 23, added:
Police were called by the London Ambulance Service after a man
was found unconscious in Greenwich High Road at around 2.15am 
    on February 17. The victim... died yesterday (February 23). ... 
    The victim suffered head injuries after being beaten by a number of
    men, some reported to be using blunt objects, police say.

Flowers left in Greenwich High Road where Jozef Boci was found

Jozef Boci's picture among the flowers

Friday 23 February 2018

Ellie Brown opens new studios Sunday 25 February

Ellie Brown of Ashburnham Grove says:

'Come and join us this Sunday for the grand opening of the new Market Studios,
our Pilates & Fitness Studio in the heart of Greenwich Market. 

Pop in and have a nose any time from 11am - 3pm, Sunday 25th February, 
in Durnford Street, SE10 9HZ.'

LGBTQIA+ Christians' Open Table, Sunday 25th

Thursday 22 February 2018

Gardening this Sunday, 25 Feb

Sara Emanuel says:

'It's time to blow out the cobwebs.

Can you join us for the first gardening session of the year on Sunday 25th February at 10am? We go home at 12 noon.

There'll be a nice cuppa to warm us up, as the staff at number 75 Ashburnham Grove always look after us well. We'll meet there, and also see what the planter in the Play Street needs.'

Sara has given us the following gardening dates for this year:

25 February
25 March
22 April
20 May
24 June
29 July.

Thursday 15 February 2018

Deptford Creek: past, sewer, and future. Will we have access along the Creek?

Emeritus ATA chairman Mick Delap is our ATA rep at Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) meetings. He brings us up to date here with progress on the Greenwich section of the super sewer, the pipe designed to stop Bazelgette's famous 19th century system grunging to a 21st century halt.

Dates to watch:  Tuesday 20th February, Mick's talk in Blackheath (see below)
                              Tuesday 24th April, public meeting with Tideway (see below)

The big red machine has started digging
TTT’s been preparing to tunnel the sewer in Norman Road for over a year. Now at last the big red hydrofraise is actually digging – but only downwards! It'll take another year to drill and line the access shaft, which will be over 60 metres deep, and wide enough for the tunnel boring machine called Annie to be built in it. Then next year Annie will start the tunnelling the actual sewer. 

You can see this machine in action from Norman Road or Ha'penny Hatch bridge

A new barge dock in the Creek
Lorries will take away the spoil from the vertical shaft. But when the horizontal tunnelling starts next year, 30% of the muck will be taken by barge (two per tide) from a new dock on Deptford Creek, just south of the railway bridge. Tunnelling should be finished in 2021, and the site restored some time in 2022.

We can meet the Tideway people
TTT have set up Community Liaison Working Groups (CLWG) at all sites to brief local residents on progress and on the project’s noise and air pollution readings. The Deptford/Greenwich CLWG is chaired by West Ward Councillor Mehboob Khan and meets every three months.

A site plan for afterwards
These meetings also give residents the chance to raise any concerns, and to agree a post-construction master plan. Deptford residents have just agreed the plan for their site with Tideway and Lewisham Council. So far, no movement from Greenwich for our site.   

A notable past, and a future up for grabs 
Mick says it is an untold story of our part of Greenwich that in the 19th century Deptford Creek was blazing with world-beating industries which helped pave the way for 20th century London. It has languished since, but now there is hope for public access and improved amenity, depending on TTT’s post construction plans for the Creek – undecided so far!

Have your say on 24th April
If you would like a path along the Creek or have any other views, feel free to air them at the next CLWG meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 24th April in the Creekside Discovery Centre at the far end of the Halfpenny Hatch bridge. For more information see or contact Mick Delap at

Deptford Creek, past, present – and future: Mick's talk next Tuesday 20th February 
at the Age Exchange Café in Blackheath (opposite Blackheath Station) at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Friday 9 February 2018

6 Nations at the Ash this weekend

Pepi and Andy at the Ashburnham Arms say:

Rugby fans! Round 2 of the 6 Nations this weekend!
Our kitchen opens 3pm Saturday - order any main meal and get a pint of Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager or a glass of wine for free.
We are showing all the games live on our big screen.
Saturday:   14:15 Ireland v Italy
                  16:45 England v Wales
Sunday:     15:00 Scotland v France


Homemade Sweet Potato and Cod Fishcakes with Garlic Mayo
Halloumi Sticks with Sweet Chilli Sauce (V)
Baked Camembert with Tarragon and Pine Nuts (V)
Goat Cheese Aranchini with Sundried Tomato Sauce (V)
Macaroni Cheese (V)

Traditional Fish & Chips £10.95
(served with homemade tartar sauce and pea puree)
Beef and Mushroom Pie in Homemade Pastry £9.95
(served with mash or chips, buttered kale and gravy )
Chicken Casserole and Dumplings £9.95
Mushroom Bolognese T agliatelle (V) £8.25
Chimichurri Cauliflower Steak , Giant Couscous Salad (V ,VE ) £8.25

Ashburnham Burger £8.95
Blue Cheese and Mushroom Burger £10.95
Brie and Bacon Burger £10.95
Halloumi Burger with Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce ( V) £8.25
Add Cheese: 50p/ Add Bacon: £1
(all burgers are served with tomato, lettuce, relish and hand cut chips)

Hand Cut Chips £2.50
Cheesy Chips £2.95  
Side Salad £2.95
Macaroni Cheese (V) £3.95

Please ask your server for full allergen information before you place your order. 

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Supper club 17th Feb

Anne-Claire says:

José's supper club project, called Alma, which means 'soul' in Spanish, is moving forward with
a new tasting menu (see below)

on Saturday 17th February 
at 7pm (all guests start at the same time)

At the Trafalgar Café, 98 Trafalgar Road, SE10 9UW

Cost: £40 per person
Beverages: BYOB
Pre-booking is required.

We would love to welcome you if you want to join us.

After that José will open a tapas restaurant on Friday and Saturday evenings at the Trafalgar Café - more details later. There will still be tasting menus once a month or so.

Friday 2 February 2018

Local suffragists/suffragettes celebration, 13 February

Irena Hill says:
Suffragists and suffragettes of Greenwich and Blackheath will be celebrated by a talk, embroidery, and song, hosted by
in-words at West Greenwich Library on Tuesday 13th February, the centenary of the Representation of the People Act. 

Ann Dingsdale, historian, researcher, artist, textiles worker,
will talk about the local signatories of the 1866 petition for equal voting rights, and
show us her amazing embroidery with the names and portraits of those signatories, and
tell us about the walks she guides to the homes and places they frequented.

Jane Grant, historian, researcher,
will talk about the C19th and C20th struggles for women's suffrage, and her book on the Fawcett Society will be on sale.

A small choir will sing some rousing songs.

Free event. Come at 7pm for a 7.30 start. Finish by 9.30pm.
Refreshments provided (donations welcome). for more details of this and other events.