Wednesday, 16 January 2019

ATA History Group

The next ATA History Group meeting will be on Thursday 17 January at 7.30 in the back room at The Ashburnham Arms (25 Ashburnham Grove). Do come, have a glass of something and share your thoughts or stories.
The meeting will focus on local history research and how we can make it available on the ATA website. It will include a look at Margaret Luce’s 21 Ashburnham Grove history, a fascinating and informative investigation she's done on her house.
Posted by Barbara Reid

Friday, 11 January 2019

Security update

 In the run-up to Christmas, Ashburnham Triangle was the target of numerous burglaries, both business and residential. From 8th November to 6th January there were over 20 reports of burglary.

There have been two arrests for non-residential burglary from D’Luxx and the Kebab House in Blackheath Road. They have been charged and are currently remanded in custody. There has also been an arrest for theft of bikes but the individual is currently out on bail.

In relation to the residential burglaries, due to the unprecendeted amount and the similar types of entry to homes, CID have been brought in to thoroughly investigate and to establish if there is a link to similar burglaries that occured in King George Street during November. This investigation is currently on-going. 

Ring Video -
recognise this person?
The Ring video footage of the attempted break-in last month has been circulated on the metropolitan police website. This individual is still wanted for questioning, so once again I appeal for you to be vigilant and contact our local police if you know or see this individual.

Last year, the Triangle was also the victim of numerous bogus callers. One particular bogus caller was a young white female pretending to be from a chairity. She has long dark hair and is known to become aggressive if you don't donate any money. It is reported this individual is once again in our area and I ask you to be once again vigiliant. DO NOT give her any money or any bank detail accounts. She is is not from a registered charity and the police are very keen to “talk” to her.  Contact our local team if you see her. 

Greenwich Trading Standards have also just reported numerous British Gas uniforms have been stolen in the area and for customers to be extra vigilant. If anyone purporting to be from British Gas comes to your home ensure you check their ID thoroughly before you let them in. If you are unsure in any way, do not let them into your property; all legitimate staff will be happy for you to contact British Gas and confirm their identity. This advice applies to all cold callers, you must be confident they are who they say they are before allowing them into your home.
check the ID of anybody who claims to be a British Gas worker

Say No to univited callers.

Say No to cash payments.

Say No to unnecessary repairs.

Always ask for official company paperwork when receiving quotes or getting contracts.

You do not have to agree to work being offered to you on your doorstep.

Remember your 14 day cooling off period when buying on your doorstep.

If anyone attempts to enter your home without your permission, call 999.

New security signs were printed and displayed around the Triangle in an attempt to foil further crime. The response from residents has been very positive so it was disappointing to see some of the signs, particularly in Greenwich South Street, have purposely been removed. These signs have been designed and displayed in the interest of all residents.
I just want to say thank you to all the volunteers who have signed up to be a security rep in their respective road/flat. Volunteers communicate via a WhatsApp group of anything suspicious. We now have volunteers in the following parts of the Triangle: Langdale, Ashburnham Place, Ashburnham Grove, Egerton Drive, Greenwich South Street, Blackheath Road, Sycamore Court on Blackheath Road, Guildford Grove, Barnstaple House and Plymouth House on Devonshire Drive.  The more reps the more chance of us seeing and stopping crime. If you would like to join our growing community contact me here. 
I will shortly arrange a police/neighbourhood watch meeting, but in the meantime, if you need advice on home security or would like to discuss any other policing matter directly to an officer our Safer Neighbourhood Team have a police drop-in surgery at St. Alfege church on the following days:
Fri 18 Jan - 12 - 1pm
Tue 22 Jan - 11 - 12pm
Mon 28 Jan - 7 - 8pm
Sun 3rd Feb 12 - 1pm
Sat 9th Feb 2 - 3pm

I’ll continue to inform you of all future days and times of these surgeries. 
Other news outside the Triangle
A 16 year old has been charged with the murder of 18 year old Aron Warrren from Topham House, Royal Hill on 8th December. It is believed the incident happened inside the flat.

For your information, please find attached minutes of the last Safer Neighbourhoods Panel meeting held on 8th November 2018 here.

Greenwich West Safer Neighbourhood Police Team
Telephone: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour service)

Tina Pugh
ATA Security

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Thames Tideway Tunnel update

Thames Tideway Tunnel are getting ready to start the next phase of their tunnelling works at the Greenwich Pumping Station site on Norman Road. It is scheduled to start in February, using 75 lorries a day until the end of April. The lorries will come on to the tunnelling site on Norman Road via Greenwich South Street and Greenwich High Road, and leave by turning right, back out of Norman Road, and up Greenwich High Road to the east bound A2. To ensure the most efficient flow of lorries through the tunnelling site, TTT are proposing a Vehicle Holding Area on the way into the site. The proposed VHA will be on Greenwich High Road, opposite the Tyre garage.
TTT have overall planning approval for their tunnelling project in Greenwich. But before they can begin this new phase of their tunnelling, they need Greenwich approval for the detail of their Traffic Management Plans. TTT have been discussing these traffic management plans with ATA representatives and Greenwich Council over the last few months. Now they have agreed the final shape of their planning application (see Greenwich Planning Application Number 18/3473). Before this application goes before Greenwich Planning Board, on Tuesday 22nd Jan, TTT want to give all ATA and West Ward residents a chance to see what they are proposing. So next Tuesday (15th Jan) they are holding a special session of their regular quarterly Community Liaison Working Group meeting in the Greenwich Community Centre on Greenwich High Road, starting at 7.00 p.m. All welcome. If you would like to know more about the TTT Super Sewer project, these latest traffic proposals, and what the ATA's input has been so far, please see Mick Delap's briefing note here and the TTT video on YouTube here.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

A reminder about the junction of Greenwich South Street, Blissett Street and Devonshire Drive

A brief reminder that there's a public consultation about the proposals on Tuesday 8th Jan between 6 and 8 pm at Jubilee Hall in Greenwich South Street.
Our previous post provided all the necessary information ( but since then we have heard some concerns about proposals to narrow the South Street carriageway at a time when Thames Tideway Tunnel lorry traffic along South Street is about to increase significantly for 2019 and into 2020.
The consultation on Tuesday will give ATA residents the chance to explore the proposals with Greenwich Planning Department.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Chance for cheap tickets to Greenwich panto

The Christmas panto at Greenwich is always good in recent years since Andrew Pollard's been writing it. Last year he didn't play the dame, but is back in role for this year's Robinson Crusoe.
There are some reduced tickets available for Sunday 6th January at 1pm, from a bulk buy by the Brockley Society:
adults £18, down from £29, children marginally down to £14, from £15.
Please book from
Tickets can be posted or collected.
Imogene Russell 

Thursday, 27 December 2018

End of an era

Early days in the garden – Kay (Deputy Manager), Janet Stott, Ed Sibley, Cliona Curley, Sara Emanuel, Imogene Russell and Audrey Ringrose
Sadly, the home for people with learning disabilities at 75 Ashburnham Grove is about to close. However all the residents have had a choice of places to move to and Harry will be able to come back to The Ash regularly as he will only be a bus ride away.
The home is owned and run by the Council. They have decided to close it because the building is dilapidated and would be very expensive to repair. In any case the layout is no longer fit for purpose especially because some of the residents are elderly and many need a lot of physical help. The managers and staff were sad about the decision but felt it was the right one as it had become hard to care for the residents in the building.
The residents have already started moving out, they will all have left by early January. The staff will get jobs in other homes. The Council is considering what to do with the site and will be consulting local residents in due course.
Us gardeners will miss our monthly get together with residents Harry and George. The garden is looking good after nine years of our efforts and it has produced some fine fruit and veg. We will continue to look after more visible green patches in the triangle, especially the planter on the play street.
If anyone needs plants or gardening equipment, we may be able to retrieve some for you before the home closes and the diggers move in. Please email
Sara Emanuel and Janet Stott

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Carol singing and much more in the Triangle

It was raining on Thursday 20th of December but by 6pm it had stopped so the carol singers, some children dressed as elves, some in sparkly hats, all enthusiastic, kept their song sheets dry as they strolled and sang around the Ashburnham Triangle streets collecting for Shelter (charity for the homeless). We finished at the Ashburnham Arms for roast chestnuts and inside there was shepherds pie provided by Pepina at cost with the profit going to Shelter. Competition can be both fierce and friendly. Our Christmas Quiz (devised by Barbara) was just that and a very jolly end to the evening.
Together with the collection, food and quiz we raised £400. It is not hard to imagine the pain of being on the streets with no home to go to, so it is very satisfying to be able to have such fun while helping to make some lives a little easier.
Thank you to everybody who contributed to the evening.
Janet and Robin Stott

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Saxon Wharf and Deptford Creek latest

Planning update from Mick Delap: as 2018 ends, three quick bits of news about what's happening along Deptford Creek.
First, thanks to all who joined me in objecting to allowing the Saxon Wharf application by the latest Creekside developer to be approved without some changes. The developers are promising public access to the Creek, and a Creekside path along their proposed frontage. But similar promises by previous developers still haven't been met. So we are objecting against full approval, until Greenwich Planning can formulate stronger guarantees that Saxon Wharf's pathway promises will be enforced more effectively. Our objections were due to be discussed on 19th December, when Planning Board were to consider the application. But at that Planning Board meeting, they decided to defer the hearing until the New Year - so they could try and make the housing mix more socially inclusive. We will be there!
Looking ahead to the New Year, the Thames Tideway Tunnel constructors are preparing to start digging out the big drop shaft that is the next step in creating Greenwich's own bit of their super sewer. This will generate significantly increased lorry traffic on Greenwich South Street, Greenwich High Road, and Norman Road, from February, for three months. TTT have announced they will hold a public meeting on 15th Jan, in the West Greenwich Community Centre, on Greenwich High Road, to discuss their traffic management plans for this next construction phase. All welcome - more details in the New Year. (But if you want to see the full Traffic Management Plan, that will be discussed on 15th Jan, and considered by Greenwich Planning Board on 22nd Jan, enter Planning Application No. 18/3473/G into the Greenwich Planning Simple Search web page).
Finally, Mick is inviting any ATA members who would like to help him generate a 2019 Creekside Pathway Campaign to come to the Ash on 24th Jan to discuss ideas and ways forward. Full details in the New Year - but Mick welcomes suggestions or questions:

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The junction of Greenwich South Street, Blissett Street and Devonshire Drive

We have been advised that the Royal Borough of Greenwich are undertaking a public consultation for a walking, cycling, and public realm scheme which they are proposing to deliver at the junction of Greenwich South Street, Blissett Street and Devonshire Drive.
You may have received consultation documents (attached) which have been distributed to over 800 addresses around the junction, however, any resident or business can respond to this consultation by visiting:     
The scheme’s objectives are to:

  • Improve the facilities for pedestrians and cyclists wishing to cross Greenwich South Street
  • Reduce the speed of vehicles travelling through the junction to improve safety
  • Improve the public realm with addition of trees, wider footways, and use of high quality materials

What are the proposed improvements?

  • Relocation of existing zebra crossing on Greenwich South Street. The crossing will be closer to the junction and therefore the desire line of pedestrians
  • Addition of a parallel crossing allowing cyclists to cross safely too
  • Raised entries on Blissett Street and Devonshire Drive to reduce vehicle speeds and improve crossing facilities for pedestrians walking along Greenwich South Street
  • Addition of new trees to landscape the area and create an attractive space for users
  • Wider footways around the junction to improve the walking environment

The consultation will be open until Friday 25th January 2019 so we would be grateful to receive consultation responses by this date.
Council Officers will also host a drop-in session on Tuesday 8th January, 6-8pm @ Jubilee Hall, Blissett Street, SE10 8UU to answer any questions you may have about the proposals.
Consultation document and questions are here. Detailed drawing is here.

Please note that this proposal is not a traffic management scheme and does not propose any changes to local access for vehicles

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Do you know this person?

Do you recognise this person? Police are interested in talking to this individual in connection with a few recent incidents. He has been spotted acting suspiciously along Langdale Road.  If you have any information as to the identity please either contact me here or call our Safer Neighbourhood Police Team. Thank you for your co-operation.

Telephone: (020) 8284 5494 (not 24 hour service)

Tina Pugh