Thursday 11 July 2024

 James Wolfe Primary School, Greenwich needs your help! 

At James Wolfe Primary School, we have started work with a company called 'OPAL', which stands for Outdoor Play and Learning. Their vision is: every child in every school has an amazing hour of high-quality play every day – with no exceptions. We want every school to plan for, resource and evaluate the quality of their play provision as if it were an important human right, essential to all aspects of children’s development and a source of joy and happiness. We are developing our play opportunities to help our children to develop their whole selves and experience the 16 types of play OPAL outline in their training. 

What kinds of things do we need? 

- Large amounts of soil
- Large amounts of sand
- Large amounts of chalk for children to use
- Wooden Palettes and crates 
- Any cardboard 
- Dressing up clothes
- Children's books
- Toys
- Old Suitcases
- Anything that could be used for den-building or junk-modelling
- Giant board games! 
- Anything that you/your company need to dispose of that you think could be safe for children to play with (e.g. cardboard)

If you or any companies/organisations you have contact with could support us, please contact Joe Armson (Assistant Headteacher) ( 

If you would like to know more about the OPAL organisation, please follow the links here: 

The website for OPAL is here: 

A video of a school who have worked with OPAL for 18 months: 

Thank you very much for your time and, in advance, for your help!


Wednesday 24 April 2024

75 Ashburnham Grove - UPDATE & ACTION

The property is now being filled with vulnerable people housed through the Noble Tree Charity working with Luton Borough Council.   An updated management plan has been produced by the developer (Grosvenor House) and Noble Tree setting out how it will operate.

The community has been invited to look at the document and feedback.   Peter Ferenz (a local resident) has kindly offered to collate community responses. Please take a look at the document (a link to it is attached below) and feedback by email to as soon as possible (we have until the 29th April).

Peter is suggesting you respond to him using this structure to help him collate responses:

  • On whose behalf are you submitting comments to the latest management plan?
  • Are you in support of the management plan? Yes/no
  • Are there specific items in the management plan to which you wish to raise an objection? If yes, please explain.
  • Are items missing from the management plan that you think should be added/considered? If yes, please explain?
  • Based on your reading of the management plan, what concerns should be raised to the council?


Link to document


Thursday 25 January 2024

Next ATA history group talk Thursday 15 February 7.30 at West Greenwich Library

Neil Sinclair, Greenwich tour guide and volunteer at Royal Museums Greenwich, kicks off our 2024 history talk programme with a detailed look at the Queens House - the first palladian style building constructed in Britain.
Conceived following a royal row over a hunting accident in 1613, the Queens House has been a museum and art gallery since 1937. But over its approximately 400 years of history it has served as a royal love nest for King Charles II, a temporary home for the first astronomer royal, a studio for Dutch marine painters Willem van de Velde and son, a refuge for Huguenots escaping religious persecution in France, a school for sons and daughters of Royal Navy seafarers, and laterly a film set for block-buster period dramas The Crown, Bridgerton, and Oscar-winner The Favourite.
Queen Henrietta Maria, for whom it was completed around 1638, called it her house of delights and together with her husband King Charles I filled it with exquisite artworks from the most gifted painters of the 17th century, including Orazio Gentileschi and Anthony van Dyck.
Come along to West Greenwich Library on Thursday 15th February to learn more about the first neo-classical building in Britain, its architect Inigo Jones and the ghost said to haunt the great entrance hall and spectacular tulip staircase. 
Doors open from 7.00 and the talk will start at 7.30.

Sunday 7 January 2024

December's carol singing

Robin and Janet report that the carol singing in December raised £500 for the charity Shelter — £280 from the carols and quiz, and £220 from the Ash. 

Saturday 2 December 2023

Carol singing on December 18th

This year’s Christmas Carol singing starts on Monday, December 18th with roasted chestnuts at the Ashburnham Arms at 6.15pm. All welcome. 

Friday 3 November 2023

Ashburnham Triangle Association AGM

The Ashburnham Triangle Association is having its AGM on Thursday 16 November at 7:00pm in the Ashburnham Arms.  It's expected to last no more than an hour.  All welcome. 

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Security panel update

The SNT ward panel met on Tuesday 10 October. The ward are currently looking for new members from all areas of Greenwich Park and Greenwich Creekside wards. If you are interested, please attend the next meeting on Tuesday 23rd January at Armada Court Community Hall, SE8 3EZ.

Local crime statistic are available at

See below for a brief lowdown on the main issues recently in each ward:


- Street robberies and phone snatches along Creek Road. The robberies happen throughout the day and cover Creek Road, Millennium Quay, New Capital Quay, Town Centre and areas around Greenwich Park and High Road. Ongoing operations in the area to tackle this - plain clothes officers patrol. Some arrests have been made. Police attended Freshers week and have been working with the university to assist students with the personal safety.

Park Ward

- Robbery issue (phones snatches). Council have advised that approx 20 sites have been identified for opavement marking to warn pedestrians but funding needed to complete this. 

- Some homeless have been causing issues and the police are working to identify them but they are not always willing to engage. Have been offered support and help but not always accepted. Council are working to locate sleep sites.

- A male with mental health issues has been causing issues in shops. Police aware and have started dealing with him. 

- Greenwich Park and National Maritime Museum- main focus is robberies and phone snatches spilling into park. Less than town centre etc. Royal Park Police have done work to deter robbers from entering the park. Bike speeding issue remains. Royal Parks Police intervene with vehicles that aren’t road legal.

- Shoplifting is becoming more of a problem in the area (supermarkets, Boots)

Ashburnham Triangle specific

- Incident with dog biting child on Catherine Grove. Male arrested and charged.

- Dog destroyed. Dogs should remain on leads in Greenwich on public roads.

- Issues with other dogs in the area that police are aware of. XL bully legislation not changed yet. Ownership of these dogs to be confirmed in future. SNT have liaised with Status Dog Unit within MET.


Autumn Nights- Halloween etc- specific patrols around events. Start 21 October, certain red days (Halloween period, Guy Fawkes). Will be patrolling local neighbourhoods. Can try to target certain areas/times/places if information sent. 

- Licensing has contacted shops about selling fireworks, inspections being made.

- Licensing producing a list of shops allowed to sell them. May be recommending hiding eggs/flour. 

- 24th October 1830 Armada Court Community Centre Housing Panel

Wednesday 11 October 2023

75 Ashburnham Grove meeting

A meeting has been arranged to discuss the development at 75 Ashburnham Grove.

  • Wednesday 11th October, 2023
  • Time: 7 pm
  • Location: St Mark's Church Centre, 22 Greenwich South Street, SE10 8TY

This will be an opportunity for residents to ask questions, learn more about the project and meet the housing team at RBG and Noble Tree.