Monday, 13 July 2020

Safer Neighbourhoods July update

Last week the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel met via telephone conference to discuss Greenwich West. Here is a summary of that call:

Within the Triangle

As reported on the last update, there have been numerous reports of drug dealing and using within some of the blocks of flats in Devonshire Drive, notably Plymouth House. Police have identified a possible suspect and patrols in this area have increased.

CID are still investigating the incident which occurred on 19th June along Devonshire Drive where a male was taken in his own car against his will - see post dated 21 June.  A full report will be available once CID have completed their investigation.

There have been various reports of two different fraudsters going door to door within the Triangle. Please can you warn any vulnerable neighbours who may not see this report to not open the door and engage with unknown individuals and NEVER hand over money to unknown individuals. Both fraudsters prey on the elderly and women.

Description of individuals:
Male mid-20s
Known as "Johhny"
Male mid-30s
Male, mid-20s, very slim build, white, between 5'7 and 5'9, sandy coloured hair with a London accent and goes by the name of “Johnny”. He concocts various stories and is well known to the police and has actually been previously arrested. I am currently awaiting an update of the whereabouts of this indivdual but please do not engage if you see him.

Male perhaps mid-30s, tall, black with a strong South London accent. Reports received that he was pretending to be a nearby neighbour and needed money for the electric meter.  Again, please do not engage or open your door to him.

A local resident witnessed the theft of a catalytic converter from a parked car in Ashburnham Grove on 3 July. The crime happened extremely quickly but was reported to the police. Other vehicle crime within the Triangle, especially theft from motor vehicles has unfortunately continued to rise especially along Greenwich South Street. Reports of thefts of bicycles from outbuildings has also increased. Please ensure bikes are secured with bike locks even in your own shed/garage.

With lockdown restrictions eased we saw many pubs re-open on Saturday 4th July which unfortunately led to bad behaviour within the Triangle - see post dated 7 July.  As previously reported it is believed patrons who had exited from the North Pole were responsible for the anti-social behaviour and erratic driving along Ashurnham Place at 1.30am on Sunday 5th July.

Last weekend also saw an increase of traffic driving past the bar in Greenwich High Road and once again there have been reports of noise and disturbance. As previously requested, I am looking for residents help to deal with any anti-social behaviour.

If you witness any issues of crime, disorder or anti-social behaviour call 999 for an emergency, i.e., if the issue is currently in progress, otherwise contact 101 and report what you have seen. 

For issues with noise, please contact the Council’s noise team and ask for the noise to be witnessed – 020 8921 8921. Please also take photo’s or video clips — if safe to do so — as this type of evidence is paramount when trying to prove a case and forward any complaint together with evidence to Cllr Maureen O’Mara Maureen.O'

Just receiving complaints about noise or disturbances will not result in any effective solution, so if safe, please do take photographic or video evidence. But above all, please report everything. 

Outside the Triangle

Police advise there are pockets of car crime within West Greenwich which has significantly increased around Hyde Vale, Point Hill and as already mentioned Greenwich South Street.

There have been 26 reported burglaries within Greenwich West. The burglaries are very sporadic with no specific pattern so are seen as opportunist burglaries with most reports being theft from outbuildings.

Lots of gatherings were reported on Point Hill during lockdown and also numerous reports of drug taking and using. 

Begging within the Town Centre has increased and complaints that beggars are not adhearing to social distancing with the rest of the general public. Particular problem areas are outside NatWest and McDonalds. Police continue to move on these individuals on a regular basis. 

Litter left in Greenwich Park
Greenwich Market have their own security as reports of shop lifting in the vicinity has once again started to rise.

Greenwich Park has been considerably busy during the lockdown and continues to be so with the warmer weather. Large notices in all public green spaces are having to be displayed to encourage park users to not litter.

Tina Pugh 
ATA Security / Police Liaison 

Emergency dial 999 
Non Emergency dial 101 

Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour) 

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Bad behaviour within the Triangle

With lockdown restrictions eased last weekend we unfortunately had to witness some bad behaviour within the Triangle from non residents visiting the North Pole bar along Greenwich High Road and D’Luxx in Blackheath Road. Complaints were received of large groups inhaling nitrous oxide gas and also arguments which led to a fight. Cars were also driven at speed up and down Ashburnham Place at approx 1.30am on Sunday 5th July. Local residents also witnessed loud music and social distancing generally not being adhered to at the North Pole and D’Luxx bars.
In order to deal with bad behaviour I am looking for residents help.
If you witness any issues of crime, disorder or anti-social behaviour call 999 for an emergency, i.e., if the issue is currently in progress, otherwise contact 101 and report what you have seen.
For issues with noise, please contact the Council’s noise team and ask for the noise to be witnessed – 020 8921 8921. Please also take photo’s or video clips — if safe to do so — as this type of evidence is paramount when trying to prove a case.
Cllr Maureen O’Mara is personally going to oversee any complaints with these establishments and has also asked for any evidence to be forwarded to her at: Maureen.O'
We really do need your help on this. Just receiving complaints about noise or disturbances days after the event will not result in any effective solution, so if safe, please do take photographic or video evidence. But above all, please report everything.
With thanks in advance for your help.

Tina Pugh
ATA Security / Police Liaison
Emergency dial 999
Non Emergency dial 101
Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour)

Monday, 6 July 2020

Gardening again in the Triangle

The ATA Green Hub is going to go back to its monthly gardening sessions. The next one is on Saturday 18 July at 2pm. They will meet outside Barnstable House on the corner of Egerton and Devonshire Drives. Please bring a rake/s if you can and if you have an empty green bin it would be useful.
It's easy to keep a distance from people when gardening and it's a sociable way to get exercise. New volunteers always welcome.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Devonshire Drive Incident

On Friday 19th June at approx 11pm there was an incident on Devonshire Drive outside Barnstable House.
A 70 year old man was taken in his own car and driven against his will. Three males were demanding money from him and managed to obtain £100. The victim sustained cigarette burns to his arms and other bruises. He managed to escape and a passing motorist called the police.
CID Lewisham are dealing with this crime and our Safer Neighbourhood Team are also assisting with enquiries.
If you were in the area and saw anything unusual please contact our Safer Neighbourhood Team.
Tina Pugh
ATA Security / Police Liaison

Emergency dial 999
Non Emergency dial 101
Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour)

Friday, 12 June 2020

Parking in the Triangle

Don't forget that parking enforcement will restart from Monday 15th June, so you or any visitors will be liable to pay a penalty charge notice if parked illegally.
The Council will continue to recognise the London Health Emergency Badge (HEB) temporary permits issued by the NHS to their healthcare and other key workers while that system is in place. Any other temporary permits issued during lockdown are being withdrawn.
Parking enforcement officers will continue to advise motorists as to where they can park. It is not acceptable to abuse council staff and any reports of this kind will be taken very seriously. More information on changes to parking enforcement.

Friday, 5 June 2020

Celebrate your neighbours

Neighbourhood Watch Week,  7th - 13th June 2020 

We’ve seen a surge in neighbourliness as people look out for the vulnerable and talk to those next door more than ever before - a silver lining to the cloud COVID-19 has cast over our daily lives. We think now is a good time to say thank you and celebrate those actions our neighbours have taken no matter how small or big. There are many ways to join in:

Take part in the Big Virtual LunchOrganised by Eden Project, on the 6th and 7th June, the Big Virtual Lunch have put together ideas of small things you can do to celebrate community connections with your neighbours such as: making your own bunting and hanging it out for all to see, putting together a lunch for someone or a small food parcel and leave it on a doorstep, joining in with The Big Lunch from your doorstep, hosting a Big Virtual Lunch online from the comfort of your own home, or hosting a Big Virtual Lunch over the phone.
Display a poster in your window or gifting a postcard to a neighbour.
Award winning British cartoonist, Tony Husband, has created bespoke cartoons depicting kind neighbourly actions in lockdown. Tony’s cartoons can be downloaded via the ourwatch website for you to display as posters in your window, or postcards to pop through a neighbour’s door. 

Enter our 'Neighbourliness in Lockdown' competition
Why not have a go at creating your very own cartoon depicting kind neighbourly acts and enter it in a competition to be judged by Tony himself. You can download blank posters and blank postcards as a template for your cartoons. Full details of the competition can be found here.

Facebook Live Quiz
Put your general knowledge to the test on 12th June at 7pm for a light-hearted Facebook Live Quiz, to be hosted by Neighbourhood Watch Network's CEO, John Hayward-Cripps.  To take part simply visit Ourwatch Facebook page at 7pm on the 12th June, ready with paper and pen.

Friday, 29 May 2020

Historic England's London History Day this Sunday 31 May

If you have a bit of time this Sunday 31 May you might want to check out or get involved with London History Day hosted by Historic England.
This year, in what are very difficult and challenging times for many, we are celebrating London’s resilience on Sunday 31 May. We will come together, virtually, to celebrate London’s resilience and share stories that remind us of the incredible strength, courage and community spirit Londoners have shown, today and throughout history. It’s a day to reflect, create, connect with each other and have fun.
Here’s the link:

The ATA's own Spring Wildlife Census needs more volunteers

We all know the Triangle is green. But how green? Lock Down has made London a quieter, cleaner place. And it's given us time to pay more attention to what this means for the wildlife in our own neighbourhoods. A group of Triangle residents are using this extraordinary opportunity to find out - and they want more help with recording what's moving, and what's growing, all around us.
There's definitely something exciting in it for kids - show them this video of Ashburnham Grove's fox cubs:
But whatever your interests - birds, blossoms or insects - there's plenty more to see: here are some of Egerton Drive's busy bees:
Each week those helping with the Spring Census are sending in a short record of what they have seen - in words, or in pictures like these - to Census co-ordinator, Mick Delap. They've been at it since April. And the Census will continue to gather information until the end of June. We already know which birds are most often seen in Triangle gardens (can you guess? Answer below *). But the Census needs more help, to capture everything that's going on this Spring, day, and night. As well as the night time foxes, we know there are bats in the Triangle - but we don't know how common they are, or what species. Help us find out this - and much more.
The target is to have enough data by the end of June to write up a detailed account of the Triangle's wild life. You don't need to be an expert to contribute - everything helps. And there's a new website which provides basic information, and allows you to use your phone to record what you are seeing: . You can also get to the website by pointing your phone camera at the image below.


Alternatively, Mick Delap has a Spring Census Starter Pack he can send out. Contact him on to join in, or just to hear each week how the Spring Census is progressing.
It's easy to contribute - and it's fun. Be part of this exciting new project. (* And the commonest Triangle birds are Blue Tits, Great Tits, Blackbirds and Pigeons).

Friday, 22 May 2020

Volunteers wanted by the ATA History Hub

Barbara from our History Hub writes:
I can’t say yet when we’ll be able to have another History Hub meeting but in case anyone has a bit of free time on their hands I’m flagging up something that you might want to take part in. Margaret Luce has been helping to trace the Charles Booth's Poverty Maps of London and more volunteers are needed. It’s something you can easily do at home. Booth’s Poverty map has poverty classifications for different buildings, but there has been no way to read the locations as data. You can help trace the colours and label them, so that researchers can use the data in the future. The London School of Economics library developed a website on Charles Booth’s London which includes his maps and notebooks. You can find out more here
All the information about the project and a demonstration of how to do the tracing and colouring is on a YouTube webinar produced by Layers of London
You can do as little or as much as you like because the maps are divided into small squares. You can take an area of London that you are familiar with and get to know it better or choose an area you don’t know. There’s something soothing as well as informative about the activity.
The Layers of London website has other new features and user feedback has been taken on board so do take another look at it

Sunday, 17 May 2020

ATA Plant Swap

The annual ATA Plant Swap is ‘going walkabout’!
Saturday, 23rd May 2020 11.00 – 12.30 
Come and find new plants at the following
16 /17 Egerton Drive 
75 Ashburnham Grove 
38 Greenwich South Street
Plants to swap can be dropped off at the same time
Look out for the logo and please don’t forget social distancing – stay two metres apart