Tuesday, 13 March 2018

17th March supper club tasting menu

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Here's the tasting menu for José's supper club
at the Trafalgar Café this Saturday 17th March
7pm start
For beverages, concept is BYO!
Pre-booking is required: 
07507 894560

Greenwich families wanted for Channel 4 programme

Mel Waldencasting, pictured here, says:

New TV series for Channel 4 - looking for local Greenwich families to take part.
London TV company Electric Ray is looking for families with at least two children aged 8-16 who want to participate in Alone At Home (working title) for Channel 4 - a unique experience that explores issues around parenting and child freedom.

In each episode, the home featured will be fitted with remotely-operated cameras that will film 24 hours a day with the aim of observing the children’s experience. 
Working with respected senior child development psychologists, the series will explore how the children deal with increased freedom and responsibility and will show the children’s ability to cope. 
There will be designated spaces in the home for privacy.
The children will be monitored by chaperones and psychologists to help safeguard their physical and emotional welfare.
All data will be processed in accordance with Electric Ray’s privacy policy.
An expression of interest does not guarantee participation in the series.
For more information, please email families@electricray.com or call 020 7061 8924.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Greenwich Area Planning Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the Greenwich Area Planning Committee is on Tuesday, 13th March,at 6.30pm. The agenda can be found here. The Golden Chippy signage is on the agenda so residents may want to attend and a representation.
The meeting will be in rooms 4 & 5, Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6PW.

Friday, 2 March 2018

The Big Half marathon on Sunday 4th ends in Greenwich with a festival

The Vitality Big Half is intended to be more for Londoners than the London Marathon is: some spaces have been reserved for residents of the boroughs it goes through - Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich. The Triangle and environs have some runners: Ellie Brown, Tom Webb, and Mike (the Cheese and Meat) Jones, among others.

It starts at 9am by the Tower of London, goes east to Canary Wharf, back to Tower Bridge, across it, and then down river, ending at the Cutty Sark. 

The Vitality Big Festival in Greenwich Park has food from around the world, young music acts from around the capital, 'come and try' sports sessions (including boxing, cricket, and basketball), local community workshops, fitness stalls, a Science Museum roadshow, a maze and ferris wheel. For the full list, see www.thebighalf.co.uk/event-info

The race route as it reaches Greenwich
The Big Festival map

The Vitality Big Festival Timetable

Food Demonstration Tent
Time Demonstration
11:00 Workshop: Greenwich Co-operative
12:00 Workshop: The Felix Project
13:00 Workshop: Katakata
14:00 Food experts Q&A

Music: The Big Stage

Time Artist/Group
11:00 Bantu Arts (African drumming)
11:15 Sherika Sherard (singer-songwriter)
11:30 Trinity Laban (dance)
11:50 Joel Grainger (Electro violin)
12:10 St Paul's School (drama)
12:30 Bantu Arts (African drumming)
12:35 Singology (gospel choir)
12:50 C-Harlie (singer-songwriter)
13:20 Academy Street Collective (dance)
13:40 Divided Soul (funk duo)
14:00 Simeon Hammond-Dallas (singer-songwriter)
14:20 Cyreez Lewis (singer-songwriter)
14:40 The Tailormade (band)

Music: The Little Stage
Time Artist/Group
11:00 Singology (gospel choir)
11:30 C-Harlie (singer-songwriter)
12:00 Divided Soul (funk duo)
12:30 Simeon Hammond-Dallas (singer-songwriter)
13:00 Cyreez Lewis (singer-songwriter)
13:30 The Tailormade (band)
14:00 Bantu Arts (African drumming)
14:15 Joel Grainger (electro violin)

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Greenwich's poetry event in the BBC Civilisations Festival, Tuesday March 6th

Irena Hill says:
'Imagine my joy when Debra Sullivan of West Greenwich Library asked me to arrange an event there as partners in the BBC's Civilisations Festival (you've probably read about the new BBC2 series with Simon Shama, Mary Beard and David Olusoga). Museums and libraries were asked to participate in the week-long festival, so here's our slice of the action.

'As a bilingual person and a trained translator, I've always been keen to celebrate both the skill of translators and the immense value of translation in bridging cultures and understanding between people and peoples. Yes, I did study Shakespeare in Italian...

'So I designed an event which touches on ancient civilisations as well as on migration, identity, mother tongues and step-mother tongues...

'Please join me to hear the amazing voices of Adnan Al-Sayegh (Iraq), Shamim Azad and Farah Naz (Bangladesh), Kostya Tsolakis (Greece and Germany), Stephen Watts (England/Italy and translator from Arabic and other languages), as well as of our very own Mick Delap, Lorraine Mariner and Fiona Moore.'

Tuesday March 6th, from 7pm, at West Greenwich Library, SE10 8NN, free

Tree pruning in Norman Road this Saturday 3 March

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Digital humanism - how to cope with AI? Thurs 1 March

We benefit from robots, but what about the risks? When artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, how will homo sapiens cope? Today, gorillas and chimpanzees largely depend for their continued existence on us - could we find ourselves in a similar situation vis-à-vis robots in 50 years?

Tony Brewer will lead a discussion on digital humanism this Thursday at 7.30pm at the South-East London Humanist Group in the New Cross community library (details below).

The aim is to develop attitudes and standards for coping with artificial intelligence from a standpoint of humanist beliefs in living by evidence, reason and our common humanity and in seeking happiness in this life and helping others to do the same.

Tony's introduction will cover: basic technical concepts; examples of present and future applications; risks and benefits. Then the meeting will break into groups to discuss how to develop the principles of digital humanism.

Tony says:
"Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics and big data play a limited part in our lives now, but will soon have a major impact, and will later be normal. Driverless cars have been tested in Greenwich, have driven over one million miles in California, and are likely to become publicly available within a couple of years. Various kinds of warbots are under development. AI systems are already very sophisticated, but have restricted application at the moment. Soon they'll become generalised systems with intelligence equivalent to ours - maybe within 20 years, certainly by the end of this century. We need to plan for this future."

The South-East London Humanist Group (SELHuG) meets on the first Thursday of every month, normally at New Cross Learning, the community library at 283-285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS, in the row of shops between The Venue nightclub and New Cross Gate station. Phone 020 8469 0532. Best to confirm the venue of meetings at http://selondon.humanist.org.uk

Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided but everyone chips in £2 to cover the cost of premises hire. All welcome.

Digital Humanism, Thursday 1st March, 7.30pm, New Cross Learning, SE14 6AS.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Charity Collectors, Bogus Doorstep Callers/Workers and Mysterious Chalk Marks

Hello All
An Egerton Drive resident was visited on three separate occasions last week from three different people purporting to be collecting donations for the NSPCC. Please be very wary of bogus Charity Callers and if you are at all suspicious of their identity contact the Police and let the Charity know. 
Image result for bogus charity collector imagesWe have also been notified of a resident who was approached by two white males offering to clean the gutters. This they did for £25, not an unreasonable amount, but then went on to claim that they had discovered a leaking roof/wall that needed work on. The repairs to the wall are not required and it appeared to be an attempt to defraud the resident by doing unnecessary building work. There were also concerns these men might have been planning a burglary. Fortunately the resident wised up to this and reported the incident to our Safer Neighbourhoods Police.

In a separate incident in January a couple of men, apparently from Teeside, disturbed residents in Ashburnham Grove by knocking on doors asking for money. They were rude and surly and said they were down from Teeside and needed help with their rehabilitation.
 If you come across bogus doorstep workmen/women or cold callers and are suspicious please contact the police on 999 while they are still in the area. It is worth notifying Trading Standards of any incidents so they can warn people of uninvited traders. They can also send out No Cold Caller stickers particularly for older and vulnerable residents for window or door display, which can be an effective deterrent. Contact Tina Gibbons, Trading Standards Officer, 
tina.gibbons@royalgreenwich.gov.uk for more information.    

A member of the public has contacted the Police after noticing a series of chalk marks leading from Norman Road into Egerton Drive then into Ashburnham Grove.  These marks consist of a line of arrows with a cross at the end. It is possible these signs might be to do with a utility company but there are concerns they may have been left by burglars identifying houses to break into so please be vigilant. 
There will be a Safer Neighbourhoods Police meeting on Wednesday 7th March. You can contact us about any policing related matters or issues we can bring to the attention of the police on your behalf by

David Scales
ATA Security Hub

Safer Neighbourhoods Police contact details
Phone: 020 8284 5494
E-mail: henry.lawton@met.police.uk (PCSO Henry Lawton)
E-mail: westgreenwich.snt@met.police.uk
By mail: Greenwich Park Police Station, Greenwich Park, Blackheath Gate, Greenwich, SE10 8QY

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Murder in Greenwich High Road

The News Shopper, February 23, added:
Police were called by the London Ambulance Service after a man
was found unconscious in Greenwich High Road at around 2.15am 
    on February 17. The victim... died yesterday (February 23). ... 
    The victim suffered head injuries after being beaten by a number of
    men, some reported to be using blunt objects, police say.

Flowers left in Greenwich High Road where Jozef Boci was found

Jozef Boci's picture among the flowers

Friday, 23 February 2018

Ellie Brown opens new studios Sunday 25 February

Ellie Brown of Ashburnham Grove says:

'Come and join us this Sunday for the grand opening of the new Market Studios,
our Pilates & Fitness Studio in the heart of Greenwich Market. 

Pop in and have a nose any time from 11am - 3pm, Sunday 25th February, 
in Durnford Street, SE10 9HZ.'