Wednesday 24 April 2024

75 Ashburnham Grove - UPDATE & ACTION

The property is now being filled with vulnerable people housed through the Noble Tree Charity working with Luton Borough Council.   An updated management plan has been produced by the developer (Grosvenor House) and Noble Tree setting out how it will operate.

The community has been invited to look at the document and feedback.   Peter Ferenz (a local resident) has kindly offered to collate community responses. Please take a look at the document (a link to it is attached below) and feedback by email to as soon as possible (we have until the 29th April).

Peter is suggesting you respond to him using this structure to help him collate responses:

  • On whose behalf are you submitting comments to the latest management plan?
  • Are you in support of the management plan? Yes/no
  • Are there specific items in the management plan to which you wish to raise an objection? If yes, please explain.
  • Are items missing from the management plan that you think should be added/considered? If yes, please explain?
  • Based on your reading of the management plan, what concerns should be raised to the council?


Link to document