Tuesday 31 May 2016

Greenwich Open Studios, June 11/12,18/19

John Bangs: Diamond Terrace
For two weekends running a group of local artists open their private doors and show you their work. And some of them offer you a drink too.

They are painters, print-makers, collagists, pastellists, and include a jeweller, a sculptor, a potter and a photographer. Here is the list of names. For addresses, see www.greenwichopenstudios.co.uk
John Bangs is the nearest, in Blissett Street, but the farthest aren't far.

Weekends of 11th/12th, 18th/19th June, 2pm to 6pm


Sunday 29 May 2016

Recruiting for TV series Back in Time

The makers of the hit series Back In Time For Dinner and Back In Time for the Weekend are looking in this area for a fun, food-loving family to go on an adventure back in time.

Guided by the experiences of real families in the early 20th century, one family will be fast-forwarded (or perhaps fast-backed) through 50 years of packed history to explore how we lived and what we ate.

If you’re interested, please email backintime@walltowall.co.uk for details on how to apply.  Families must be UK residents with at least two children of 8 or over, preferably including a teenager.

Saturday 28 May 2016

Changes to bin collection dates over the Spring Bank Holiday

Usual collection dayRevised collection day
Bank holiday Monday 30 May 2016Tuesday 31 May 2016
Tuesday 31 May 2016Wednesday 1 June 2016
Wednesday 1 June 2016Thursday 2 June 2016
Thursday 2 June 2016Friday 3 June 2016
Friday 3 June 2016Saturday 4 June 2016
Monday 6 June 2016Normal collection

Monday 23 May 2016

ATA emails

If anyone believes that they’re missing out on the regular Ashburnham Triangle Association emails that go out several times a week please can you email niallivm@gmail.com with your details and we’ll update our records. Thanks

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Derek Fordham awarded Polar Medal

Derek Fordham Dipl Arch Hons, RIBA, FRGS of Ashburnham Grove was awarded a Polar Medal by the Queen this year for ‘outstanding achievement and service to the United Kingdom in the field of polar research’ as ‘Arctic Expedition leader, mountaineer and ambassador’, reports The Arctic Club.

Derek was ATA Planning Rep for many years, still helps the ATA with planning, and spent a good two hours on gate duty at last year’s street party. He kept the ATA from extinction throughout a long dormant period before it re-emerged in 2006, and at that time was responsible (with two others) for closing off the play street. They physically built the planters at either end, with Derek supplying the bricks. He is also an executive member of The Greenwich Society and leads their Hacan group opposing aeroplane noise.
The Arctic Club is more interested in his polar exploits. It reports,

‘Derek’s involvement with the Arctic began in 1968 and 1969 when he organised university mountaineering club expeditions to East Greenland. These were followed in 1971 by becoming the Anglo part of the Anglo-Danish Trans-Greenland Expedition which made the longest purely man-hauled sledge crossing on the Inland Ice. In 1976 together with his wife, Jeni, two Polar Inuit and 27 dogs, they dog-sledged from Qanaq in NW Greenland to Grise Fjord, Ellesmere Island in Canada, for which trip Derek received a Winston Churchill Fellowship. Sailing and kayaking trips to East and West Greenland followed with an RAF-supported traverse and plant-collecting trip on Hochstetters Forland. In 1982 he spent the spring with Inuit hunters out of Resolute Bay and Grise Fjord.

‘1984 brought a return to mountaineering with an expedition to Mont Forel followed by summers with the West Greenlanders hunting caribou around Sisimiut and Søndre Strømfjord. In 1992 and 1994 Svalbard beckoned and Backlundtoppen and Newtontoppen were climbed on skis. In The Watkins Mountains of East Greenland, Gunnbjørnsfjeld, the Arctic’s highest summit was reached in 1996 and Petermann Peak and Shackleton Bjerg were climbed in 1998. Together with committee member Lorraine Craig, Derek has been on expeditions to Kamchatka and in 2015 to Saqqaq in West Greenland where his Trans-Greenland expedition ended in 1971.
‘Derek has written regularly on Arctic issues for Mountain Magazine, until its demise, and for The Alpine Journal and various ski club journals He has provided book reviews for the science journal Nature and letters to The Times on polar affairs. In 1979 he wrote a book entitled Eskimos which was also published in Danish.

'As well as having been a long-serving Honorary Secretary of the Arctic Club, Derek is Chairman of the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund and a member of the Andrew Croft Memorial Fund and The Augustine Courtauld Trust and – believe it or not, is planning another trip to Greenland!’

Derek was the first name in the list of seven recipients of The Polar Medal 2016. It was presented to him by Prince William at Buckingham Palace on 22 April 2016. Derek is pictured, above right, at the palace with Lorraine Craig, fellow Arctic Club committee member and explorer.

Saturday 14 May 2016

Plants in the play street Saturday 21st May

Want any plants? Got any plants to pass on? Want to have a word with ATA gardeners? They’ll be in Ashburnham Retreat next to the Ashburnham Arms from 11.30 to 1pm on Saturday 21st May.
You don’t have to come armed with plants to swap. If you see anything you like, small amounts of money will do. It’ll go either to charity or back into gardening in the Triangle.
You can ask the gardeners about the forest garden in the play street raised bed, or their greening of corners of the Triangle and local hostel gardens. They usually garden once a month for a couple of hours, and, if you’d like to take part, you’d be welcomed: contact Sara Emanuel on saraemanuel@hotmail.co.uk

Tea and coffee or stronger at the Ash from 12pm


Saturday 7 May 2016

2016 ATA Security Leaflet

Here is an electronic version of our new security leaflet which is being distributed to all households within the Ashburnham Triangle. We hope you find the leaflet useful and informative.
2016 ATA Security Leaflet PDF

Tina Pugh - Security Hub

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Latest Safer Neighbourhoods News on Burglaries and the Lebanese Loop

At the most recent meeting of the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel held on Thursday 28th April 2016, the police have advised us of several burglaries and other security issues.

There was a burglary in Devonshire Drive and two on Royal Hill/Blissett Street, (Darnell House and Renbold House respectively), it appears that they got in via the front door on Royal Hill and Blissett street. In Devonshire Drive they got in through the bay windows via the basement door but fortunately nothing was taken as the burglar was disturbed by the owners. These burglaries all took place on 26th April between 04:00 and 18:12 hours. People in residential blocks of flats are advised to be particularly vigilant when letting people in and to check that fire doors are locked shut.

At the same meeting, an increase in moped, bike theft and car crime was reported.

ATMs at banks in Greenwich Town Centre including NatWest, HSBC, and others have been targeted by scammers using a device known as the “Lebanese Loop” to commit fraud and identity theft. This device blocks the ATM's card slot causing any inserted card to be retained by the machine which the fraudster then retrieves when the card holder leaves. This scam is a particular problem in countries with high numbers of ATMs such as the UK and is becoming one of the simplest and most widespread of ATM fraud. Please be extra vigilant when using card machines and if in doubt, use the machine inside the bank if possible and report any suspicious activity to the Bank and Police.

Our new Security Leaflet is in the process of being distributed to households in the Triangle and gives a number of useful tips on scams and bogus callers as well as burglary crime prevention advice. A copy will be posted online shortly and we would welcome any feedback.

You can read the minutes of the last Safer Neighbourhoods Panel Meeting dated 3rd February 2016 here.
WGSNT Minutes Feb 2016

David Scales/Tina Pugh - Security Hub

Monday 2 May 2016

Cruise liners: diesel generators or electricity from shore?

Should large cruise liners be allowed to emit nitrogen oxide from their diesel engines while docked at Enderby Wharf in Greenwich? Last week the House of Commons cross-party Environment Select Committee (ESC) said not, but the High Court has yet to rule on the matter.

Residents want ships to turn their engines off while berthed and instead to use electricity from power lines from the shore, to keep the air clean. Developers say this is an expense, and troublesome to instal, so not commercially viable. Greenwich Council agreed with the developers and gave permission for power to be generated by the ships’ own auxiliary engines, whereas, by contrast, the ESC’s view is that “Planning permissions for new shipping facilities must require appropriate mitigation measures from developers. This should include, where practicable, a requirement to provide infrastructure to supply electricity to ships at berth.”

Enderby will have the capacity to handle 12-deck high ships. Developers are talking of 9- or 10-deckers, about 55 a year, spending typically three days each in Greenwich. These ships are slightly smaller than the Titanic (about 240 metres long, carrying up to 2,200 people). A ship this size burns 700 litres of diesel each hour round the clock, the equivalent of 688 heavy lorries. Numbers add up to over two-and-a-half million litres of burnt diesel per year at Enderby. 

One likely result of this is that London won’t meet its EU legal limits for nitrogen oxide emissions. This is true of Greenwich now, without the liners. One certain result would be a deterioration of Greenwich air quality, with attendant health risks.

Emissions aside, London tourism will receive a large boost from the liners’ presence, with a fast clipper shuttling passengers to the West End in 20 minutes.

If you’d like a say on this, go to www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/cruise-liner/

Sunday 1 May 2016

Revised collection date over the May Day bank holiday

Usual collection day
Bank holiday Monday 2 May 2016

Revised collection day 
Tuesday 3 May 2016