Friday 20 February 2015

Outdoor film showing?

By imogene russell on 20 Feb 2015 11:20 am

Would people like an outdoor film showing in the Play Street?  It would have to be on a date and time when it’s dark enough early enough, but on the other hand not too cold. On Saturday May 9th sunset is predicted to be at 20.34. The film could start half an hour later.
There’d be no noise from the film, because we could all have our own wireless headphones. Or we could have a silent film. There’d be a tiny amount of noise from the eight or ten bicycles providing the power. We’d need volunteers to take turns on the bicycles. And we’d bring our own chairs.
If so, what film? Not too long. Suitable for any children who might be there. We could go for films you can’t get hold of easily, or we could concentrate on crowd-pleasers-for-all. Or preferably both, if possible. Here below are some suggestions made by people of various ages, from 21 to 69. We haven’t vetted the list to see if they meet the criteria above. Any film we chose would have to meet them.
The Big Lebowski; The Sting; Dodgeball; Anchorman; The Fugitive; Con Air; Hobson’s Choice; The Longest Day; Enemy of the State; North by Northwest; Les Enfants du Paradis, Last Year at Marienbad, An Officer and a Gentleman; The Big Easy; Return of the Pink Panther; The Pursuit of Happiness; Three Men and a Baby; Clue; Being John Malkovich; Cabaret; Jerry Maguire; Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Some Like it Hot; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; The Seven Year Itch; Oceans 11; Gladiator; Amélie; Plains, Trains and Automobiles; Gravity; The French Connection; Enigma; Trading Places; It’s a Wonderful Life; Liar Liar; The Truman Show; Ace Ventura: Pet Detective; Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls; Aviator; Once Upon a Time in the West; O Brother, Where Art Thou?; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Wall Street; Casablanca; A Royal Affair; The Great Gatsby; Bubba Ho-Tep; Blow-Up; The Royal Tenenbaums; Raiders of the Lost Ark; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Bringing Up Baby; Diary of an Unknown Woman; Moby Dick; or anything by Wes Anderson.

Tuesday 10 February 2015

New old-fashioned physical notice board

By imogene russell on 10 Feb 2015 10:24 pm

“Attractive, up-to-date and well-maintained” is what the new community notice board will be, said Tony Othen, as 40 or so people, including artist Peter Kent and ATA founder Ewan Hooper, watched its unveiling outside St Mark’s Church on Sunday. “It’s for the community to use to post up events and opinions that have nothing to do with our church,” said Tony, of The Gallery in Peyton Place, and church member.
St Mark’s is inviting us all to send notices of what’s going on locally to by Friday for posting on Saturday. Tony will post them on the Community Page of the website at also display the page on one of the church’s four ‘‘good old-fashioned physical notice boards” outside.
The premises at St Mark’s were redesigned several decades ago to make it easy for outside groups to use them, and many have done so ever since. This notice board, dedicated to the community, is another way for the church to make contact with its neighbours.
The board was unveiled by Imogene Russell, ATA secretary, and John Twydale, who is interim moderator at St Mark’s while the search is on for a permanent minister to replace Martin Cole who left a year ago. Sometimes individual members of the church give the address in the service, and on Sunday Tony gave one on Communication, Community and Christianity, which people had come to hear from as far afield as Dorset. In it he said, “My take on the Jesus stories is that we are all one community – no insiders and outsiders.”

Monday 9 February 2015

Owners of Vauxhall Zafiras Beware

By david scales on 09 Feb 2015 08:41 pm

We have been notified by the Millenium Quay Neighbourhood Watch Scheme that there’s been a spate of Vauxhall Zafiras being broken into in the Greenwich area.
Apparently the small back triangle windows are being smashed in order to open the back door. If you are an owner of this vehicle, you are advised to activate the child locks on both sides and make sure you remove the log book and other valuables from the car.  
Although incidents of theft of and theft from vehicles are relatively low, owners of all vehicles are reminded to lock car doors and not leave any items or possessions on the seats.As ever, if you see a crime being committed call 999 twenty four hours a day where life or property are in danger, a crime is being committed or the suspect is nearby and the police are required immediately; to report anything suscipious or less urgent, call 101 (calls are charged at local rate).
You can also report any concerns or police related matters at the upcoming Police drop-in surgeries, see the previous Security Hub post for further details.