Saturday 30 November 2019

Poetry Party

Come and hear the ATA’s Mick Delap and his SE London poetry colleagues at Greenwich Library, 7.30pm Tuesday 3rd December. Admission free. Seven poets including Mick, Lorraine Mariner, Sarah Westcott, Kelley Swain and Richard Meier will be reading their work, and selling their books. Interval glass of wine. The event sees the Nevada Street Poets, who Mick invited to join him in a regular poetry writing workshop, celebrating ten years together by publishing a short anthology which provides a useful introduction to their poetry

Saturday 23 November 2019

Ceramics at Made In Greenwich

Greenwich Park Ceramicists are having a selling exhibition at Made in Greenwich, 324 Creek Rd SE10 9SW from 28th November to 8th December (closed Monday 2nd Dec), 10am-5pm.
You are invited to come along for one-off Christmas presents and to see a diverse range of ceramic work, some by residents from the Ashburnham Triangle. Private view and ‘Meet the Makers’ on Friday 29th November 6 - 8.30pm

Friday 22 November 2019

The Guildford Arms re-opens on Saturday, November 23rd

The Guildford Arms on Guildford Grove is re-opening on Saturday, November 23rd.
There are new dining rooms and an open kitchen where you can see the chefs make their magic.  The bar is getting an overhaul as well for casual drinkers and diners and the garden has had a makeover as well.

Free entry to the Cutty Sark this weekend for residents

When Cutty Sark was launched on 22 November 1869, it was only meant to last 30 years. 150 years on and the ship is still here in Greenwich, open to explore and experience what life was like on board the world's fastest tea clipper.
Celebrate this extraordinary survivor over its birthday weekend, between 22-24 November; for the whole birthday weekend anyone living or studying in Greenwich will be able to visit Cutty Sark for free.
They will also be offering the 150th visitor each day a year's membership to Royal Museums Greenwich. If that's not enough, anyone who joins as a Member at Cutty Sark over the weekend can also enjoy a special discount!
More details:

Monday 18 November 2019

Join us on National Tree Planting Day

The ATA’s Environment and Green Hub need help to plant nine trees in the Ashburnham Triangle on Saturday 30 November. If you think you can help please email Sara at

Also, at the recent Climate Concern meeting at the Haddo Community Centre a range of  ideas to help save the planet were presented:

Together we can make a difference.

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Burglary Alert

There has been another burglary in the Triangle between the hours of 5pm on 7th November and 7am on the 8th November in Devonshire Drive. Entry was gained once again via the basement sash window.

The police are asking all home owners with sash windows, particularly basement sash windows, to ensure suitable locks are installed. They have also suggested to install and display window alarms. One particular alarm that has been recommend is the GHB Window Alarm which can easily be purchased via amazon and is very affordable. See link here.

GHB window alarm

The more obstacles for a burglar, the more likely they are to leave your home alone. 

Tina Pugh
ATA Security / Police Liaison

Emergency dial 999
Non Emergency dial 101
Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour)

West Greenwich Traffic Reduction Consultation

The Council are conducting a short consultation on two possible options to reduce traffic in the Hills & Vales streets of West Greenwich - whilst it doesn't cover the Triangle, Greenwich South Street would be set to suffer with increased traffic and there doesn't seem to be any mention of improvements to junctions at either end of South Street to deal with the increased volume or any other traffic calming here. The proposal's might kill off the rat run of Catherine Grove/Devonshire Drive/Blisset Street/Winforton St/Point Hill at peak times
Two options are up for consideration and neither has to be the right one. Looking at other social media platforms this consultation doesn't appear to have gone far and wide. There is a link to the online consultation below, and there is also an engagement drop-in session on Wednesday 20 November, 5pm to 8pm at James Wolfe School, Royal Hill, SE10 8ZR.

Sunday 10 November 2019

Climate change meeting

What On Earth Can I Do About Climate Change? is an open meeting at New Haddo Greenwich Community Centre, 29 Tarves Way SE10 9JU on November 14th, starting at 6.15pm
More details can be found at

Friday 8 November 2019

Safer Neighbourhoods November Update

Within The Triangle

In the last two months burglaries within the Triangle are once again on the increase. We’ve had 8 burglaries in this period. One was an outbuilding and another was at St Marks Hostel but the remaining burglaries are all residential houses with the main access point being the basement sash window. Last year the Triangle was particularly targeted and with this sudden rise in just our area - the rest of West Greenwich has had hardly any burglaries reported in comparison - our Safer Neighbourhood Team are going to roll out SmartWater again to residents who did not receive a kit earlier this year. If the police issue the kits they are completely free and there is no ongoing fee. I highly recommend anyone to obtain a kit if offered as they are a preventative measure against crime and if you are the unfortunate victim of a burglary your possessions can be easily identified and given back if recovered by the Police. The Ashburnham Triangle is the first area in West Greenwich to trial SmartWater. I will let you know dates of when SmartWater will be issued in due course.

A quick re-cap on SmartWater:

SmartWater is a way for police to definitively link your valuable items to you. Almost invisible to the naked eye, the advanced liquid glows yellowy-green under UV light and every bottle has a unique forensic code. This means if an item is recovered by the police which is marked by SmartWater, such as a bicycle, the police can use forensic analysis to identify the address and return the bike to its rightful owner. It can be used to invisibly tag all your valuable items, from watches and jewellery to laptops and mobile phones. The application will last approximately 5 years and it's almost impossible to remove. To date, the use of SmartWater has had a 100% conviction rate in court and has been proved to reduce burglaries by 85%. 

There is also a new initiative being rolled out shortly by the police whereby vulnerable areas will be monitored with plain clothes police officers. Ashburnham Triangle is flagged as a “vulnerable area” with regard to burglaries so I’m expecting more patrols. However, please can you all remain extra vigilant at this time of year. Always lock windows, especially sash basement windows with proper sash bolts and always double bolt your front door at night. If you live in a flat please ensure your main entry door is closed fully after you enter or exit to stop anyone from entering your block.

See attached link which gives advice from the Met Police on how to protect your home.

The theft of motorvehicles including mopeds and motorbikes has also risen. We have seen a hugh spike in the rise of keyless car crime recently. There are many desirable vehicles in the Triangle. To keep your vehicle safe, DON'T leave keys near the front of the house as their signal can easily be copied to a remote device. Keep them stored in a signal blocking pouch or metal tin. I’ve even heard people keeping their keys in the Fridge! 

There has also been numerous reports of theft from vehicles. Please DO NOT leave anything on display. If there is nothing to tempt the opportunist thief then they will walk on. Individuals have been captured on CCTV recently looking into the windows of all cars and trying car doors. Don’t give them a reason to break-in.

Outside the Triangle

There was a stabbing at the Post Office on Thursday 17 October. This incident occurred during the day at approx 12:30pm. The victim knew the assailant and this was a deliberate attack. It was not a random act of violence. The victim was taken to hospital and his injuries were not life threatening, however he is not co-operating with the police. The investigation is on-going.

At a recent football match between Charlton v Leeds, some Leeds supporters caused problems at the Royal Navy College including one assault. CCTV footage has been sent to Leeds Police to identify the individuals.

Bikelife have once again been causing trouble for residents and tourists within the Greenwich Town Centre. This groups initial aim was to bring young bikers together to ride, perform tricks and share videos and photos on social media. However, recently the large groups of bikers are just disrupting traffic and generally causing chaos. Police continue to monitor the situation and swiftly move them on when they are in the area. 

Safer Neighbourhood Police Visibility

Due to recent events happening locally including the Extinction Rebellion Protest in central London last month, our Safer Neighbourhood Police are being pulled off their normal duties to patrol other jobs outside Greenwich Town Centre. This is expected to continue until after the General Election. They find it very frustrating and apologise in advance if they do take longer to respond to any enquires. However, our team are dedicated and do read and action any emails you send so please do continue to send any concerns directly to them.

For your information please find attached the minutes of the last meeting held in September here.

Tina Pugh
ATA Security / Police Liaison

Emergency dial 999
Non Emergency dial 101
Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour)

Thursday 7 November 2019

History Talk

The ATA’s Mick Delap is giving a talk to the Mycenae House local history group about the linked histories of the Ashburnham Triangle and the Creek. It’s on Monday 11 November from 10.15am to midday. You are very welcome to attend, there’s a charge of £3 for visitors.
The venue is Mycenae House, 90 Mycenae Rd Blackheath SE3 7SE

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Maitland Close Telecommunication Equipment Upgrade

As some of you may already be aware, our neighbours at Maitland Close are in the process of having the existing telecommunications equipment on their roof upgraded to 5G equipment by a contractor working on behalf of the equipment owner and operator EE Ltd and H3G UK Ltd.
Unfortunately Maitland Close falls outside of the boundaries of the Ashburnham Triangle Conservation Area for planning purposes, and with the government support of the roll out of 5G across London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast during 2019 under the Electronic Communications Code from 2017 the operators and owners of existing telecommunications equipment outside of conservation area’s benefit from Permitted Development Rights to replace, upgrade, enhance their equipment without the need for full planning permission to be sought or for the need of public consultation.
Waldon Telecom Ltd the contractor working on behalf of EE and H3G did submit plans to the Council and notified them of their intention to enhance the existing equipment (which currently provides 4G) back in March this year, but as the project falls within permitted development, such notifications do not constitute a planning application and only permit the Council 28 days to respond themselves.
Unfortunately it would appear that these enhancements are rather large and visually unappealing – both officers from the Planning and Housing teams are monitoring the progress and ensuring that the equipment is as per the original notifications. Affected residents are in contact with Cllrs’ Kirby and O’Mara.

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Do you want to do more for the environment?

The ATA Green Hub is transforming into the “Environment and Gardening Hub”. We will encourage residents to take action to deal with the Climate Crisis as well as continuing with the community gardening. We hope that more people will take part in environmentally friendly activities locally and, more importantly, will urge the Government and Council to do more.
The first thing we are planning is to plant as many trees as possible on National Tree Planting Day 30 November. Did you know that a mature tree can absorb 48 lbs of carbon dioxide per year? So tree planting is a really positive thing we can do to start dealing with the Climate Crisis.
Would you like to plant a tree in your garden? If so we can help by ordering and planting it. The ATA will pay for the compost and stakes.
In addition we will be planting trees in public spaces on Devonshire Drive. We will need lots of people. Would you like to help plant trees on 30 November?
We are also planning to:
  • Continue to work on the Play Street Planter and other street patches of green. Can you join us? It’s enjoyable and good exercise in the open air.
  • Plant more daffodils every year  
  • Encourage people to have beehives
  • Visit the roof gardens on the Stockwell Street building of Greenwich University
  • Hold the annual Plant Swap.
  • Encourage the writing of letters to MPs and Councillors and share them as Mattew Pennycook MP says that he gets very few letters urging the government to take action against the Climate Crisis.
  • Engage with other local climate change activities.

Would you like to receive emails about our activities? If so please email Sara Emanuel