Thursday 14 December 2017

Golden Chippy sign

Mick Delap, one-time ATA chair and planning rep, says:

'Our chip shop needs support.

'Chris Kanizi of the Golden Chippy has applied for retrospective planning approval for his sign, as pictured.

'Chris has been a highly valued contributor to the Triangle over the years. I agree with him that his sign does what all Conservation Area applications must do - it preserves and enhances the character of the Conservation Area, because:
· it has historical precedence - see the photo below of a 1940 sign of the same size on the same site
·  it is very much in character with the established signs in the Greenwich High Road part of the Conservation Area 
· it is very modestly lit, less bright than nearly all these nearby signs (with LEDs providing 1200 lumens per square metre)
·  its quirky and distinctive design is in tune with the identity Chris has successfully created for the Golden Chippy, as an integral part of today's Triangle. All the Triangle residents I have consulted agree with this claim.

'You may have already commented to the Council on this case some time ago, but recently Councillor Mehboob Khan has asked Chris to make his case to all three West Ward councillors once more, and suggests that, if Triangle residents want it to succeed, their renewed support is vital.'

If you'd like to comment on Chris's application - one way or another, for or against - you can do so on the Royal Borough of Greenwich Planning Search site: 
or email the case officer, Charlotte Norris, at
or write to her at the Planning Department, 5th Floor, Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, SE18 6HQ.

The application reference number to quote is 17/3320/A. 

The Council will accept comments until the matter is discussed and resolved, but as that may happen very soon and as the Council's preferred closing date for comments was last Tuesday 5th December, we are advised that the earlier comments arrive, the more likely they are to be taken into consideration.

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