Tuesday 19 December 2017

ATA carols for charity and fun, hosanna in excelsis, Christmas has begun

Quite a crowd went out singing in the streets in traditional fashion on Monday night just gone, with many assiduous children knocking on doors collecting for Shelter.

Hugo and Marion roasted chestnuts on Stuart's brazier

Chestnuts beforehand were generously roasted by Hugo and Marion Sands on Stuart Mulholland's brazier; with mulled wine and mince pies given to us free by the kindness of publicans, Pepi and Andy.

Mick (far right foreground) and Janet
 (2nd from right in background) led the way
Mick Delap and Janet Stott ably led the singing tour round the streets. We visited the Golden Chippy for the first time this year, and Chris Kanizi came out dispensing wine all round.

Left to right: Oci sings, Alexis plays the melodion, Janet sings
When Alexis and Oci Bennett arrived with their melodion and recorder respectively, and with their notable musical ability, happiness was complete.

Singing from the same hymn sheet:
Rob and Zoe Willett and daughters 
Back at the Ash we ate chef Latina's tasty cottage pies, vegetarian and carnivore, provided at cost price by the generosity, again, of Pepi and Andy.

Barbara, quiz-maker and MC
Then we pitted our wits over Barbara Reid's skilfully-pitched Christmas quiz. It was won by a group of young women from Hyde Vale!! We don't resent it because they are a great asset to our carol singing every year.

A good time was had by all. And £358 was raised for Shelter.

(Photos: good ones by Neil Sinclair; barely visible ones by Imogene Russell))

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