Thursday 28 July 2016

Not from

If three blokes come to your door in hi-viz jackets, like they did to us the other day, saying they’re doing a survey for, it’s not the moment for bonhomie and inclusiveness and for asking them in for a cup of tea and a squint at your energy bills. When a fourth materialised at the back in a suit and tie, I did ask if they usually travelled in packs, but the answer seemed reasonable - two were trainees and one was the area manager. Luckily my daughter was there, with better fraud-antennae than I have, not so given to mindless optimism. She saw them off, and was proved right by a call to, who said they never send people door to door. The police came round and opined that the hi-viz mob were probably less interested in identity fraud than in physically snaffling a few valuables after they’d distracted you. Apart from expected advice about examining ID and not letting people in, the police suggested taking a picture of them. I love it: ‘Could you move together a bit more. Your manager needs to be in it too - we want to see everybody. No, look up. Look this way. Smile!’

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  1. We had these ne'er-do-wells at our door earlier this week, too. It was an aggressive, unpleasant sell: they claimed to be from "" and suggested they came into my house when I said I didn't know my energy bills without checking. I refused, and then spotted that one of the "trainees" was happily testing his pen on my recently painted wall!
    Needless to say I told them to go (a little more colourfully than that, to be honest) or I'd call the police. Didn't realise they were worse than nonchalant graffiti artists.