Tuesday 19 July 2016

Want to write something for the newsletter?

If anyone would like to contribute to the ATA newsletter this summer, you would be very welcome. If you have thoughts about anything local that you’d like to share, let us know. It doesn’t have to be something dramatic – like when a bus nearly dropped down a hole on Blackheath Hill. It could be quiet and domestic. Have you been hitched up to the new water meter system without being told? Have you found the new cyclists’ Quietway, labelled Q2 on the road? Any sparrows in your garden? It need only be a few sentences - and a picture would be good. Questions are also welcomed, and feedback about the ATA.

It might not be possible to include everything: inclusion is at the discretion of the editor, Andrew Steeds. Please send copy to him by 25th July, which is this Monday coming, at

The newsletter comes out every summer and is delivered to all reachable doors. It aims to let people know what the ATA has been doing and about some other things happening in the Triangle. Up until now it has had four A4 pages. This year we are thinking of having more pages and more pictures. Any thoughts on that?

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