Sunday 10 July 2016

Pizzas at the Ash this Wednesday from 6pm

The Ash are serving pizzas on Wednesday 13th July as well as Thursday 14th this coming week, starting at the usual time of 6pm.

So if you're going to the talks on Wednesday in the back garden of the Ash (or if you're not), you needn't go hungry.

The original Lenox was built at Deptford

Julian Kingston will talk about the historic ship planned for Deptford at 8pm for about 20 minutes, followed by Q & A.

After that Roo Angell will talk about the historic garden planned for Deptford, also for about 20 minutes, followed by Q & A.

Q: How much smaller than the Cutty Sark is the Lenox?
A: Cutty Sark is 65 metres, Lenox will be 53 metres.
Sayes Court Garden envisaged in the new development

Q: How many trees will it take to build the Lenox?
A: Far fewer than will be cut down for HS2.

Q: How much of John Evelyn's original garden will be recreated?
A: Don't know. It may still be in dispute. Ask Roo.

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