Saturday 1 February 2020

Watch OUT Watch OUT....Car thieves about

Sounds obvious, but please make sure you fully lock your car when you leave your vehicle. Over the past two days, two cars in the Triangle have had possessions stolen as the vehicles were not locked.

We know thieves are operating in this area as two different individuals have been captured on camera trying car door handles in the early hours of the morning. They got lucky on several occasions this week and gained entry to cars in Ashburnham Place and Ashburnham Grove.


  • Don't just rely on your key fob to lock your vehicle. Before you walk away, double check your car door and boot is fully locked. 
  • Don't attract thieves by NEVER leaving anything on show in the car, especially a bag or even a coat on the passenger or back seat. Police have advised to leave your glove compartment open to show would be thieves there is nothing to steal.

Tina Pugh
ATA Security / Police Liaison

Emergency dial 999
Non Emergency dial 101
Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour)

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