Monday 3 February 2020

A carbon neutral Greenwich by 2030 and cleaner streets

Many of us are thinking about what more we can do about the Climate Emergency how we can keep our streets free of litter and graffiti. We can work with the Council on both of these issues.

Climate Emergency Network
The Council is setting up a Climate Emergency Network as part of the work it is doing to become carbon neutral by 2030. See here for details. 
The Council says that the reason for setting up the network is:
“about 25% of the borough’s total emissions come from the council’s offices, vehicles and housing, so we need everyone’s help to step up to the carbon neutral challenge. Everyone can make a difference and together we can tackle the climate crisis.”
When you join the Network you’ll get information about what you can do to reduce your carbon emissions. The Council will send you updates about what steps they are taking, and give you the opportunity to do your bit for Greenwich.
Please sign up to the Climate Emergency Network, it only takes a minute or two and many of us living in the Ashburnham Triangle are doing so. You can join the network here.

Environment Champions
Are you bothered about dog mess, litter or graffiti? If so have you considered becoming an Environment Champion? The Council has set up a network of Environment Champions who are a special type of volunteer and who help deal with environmental issues that might have a negative effect on our neighbourhood. They would support you in this role as would the ATA. For more information see

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