Friday 11 January 2019

Security update

 In the run-up to Christmas, Ashburnham Triangle was the target of numerous burglaries, both business and residential. From 8th November to 6th January there were over 20 reports of burglary.

There have been two arrests for non-residential burglary from D’Luxx and the Kebab House in Blackheath Road. They have been charged and are currently remanded in custody. There has also been an arrest for theft of bikes but the individual is currently out on bail.

In relation to the residential burglaries, due to the unprecendeted amount and the similar types of entry to homes, CID have been brought in to thoroughly investigate and to establish if there is a link to similar burglaries that occured in King George Street during November. This investigation is currently on-going. 

Ring Video -
recognise this person?
The Ring video footage of the attempted break-in last month has been circulated on the metropolitan police website. This individual is still wanted for questioning, so once again I appeal for you to be vigilant and contact our local police if you know or see this individual.

Last year, the Triangle was also the victim of numerous bogus callers. One particular bogus caller was a young white female pretending to be from a chairity. She has long dark hair and is known to become aggressive if you don't donate any money. It is reported this individual is once again in our area and I ask you to be once again vigiliant. DO NOT give her any money or any bank detail accounts. She is is not from a registered charity and the police are very keen to “talk” to her.  Contact our local team if you see her. 

Greenwich Trading Standards have also just reported numerous British Gas uniforms have been stolen in the area and for customers to be extra vigilant. If anyone purporting to be from British Gas comes to your home ensure you check their ID thoroughly before you let them in. If you are unsure in any way, do not let them into your property; all legitimate staff will be happy for you to contact British Gas and confirm their identity. This advice applies to all cold callers, you must be confident they are who they say they are before allowing them into your home.
check the ID of anybody who claims to be a British Gas worker

Say No to univited callers.

Say No to cash payments.

Say No to unnecessary repairs.

Always ask for official company paperwork when receiving quotes or getting contracts.

You do not have to agree to work being offered to you on your doorstep.

Remember your 14 day cooling off period when buying on your doorstep.

If anyone attempts to enter your home without your permission, call 999.

New security signs were printed and displayed around the Triangle in an attempt to foil further crime. The response from residents has been very positive so it was disappointing to see some of the signs, particularly in Greenwich South Street, have purposely been removed. These signs have been designed and displayed in the interest of all residents.
I just want to say thank you to all the volunteers who have signed up to be a security rep in their respective road/flat. Volunteers communicate via a WhatsApp group of anything suspicious. We now have volunteers in the following parts of the Triangle: Langdale, Ashburnham Place, Ashburnham Grove, Egerton Drive, Greenwich South Street, Blackheath Road, Sycamore Court on Blackheath Road, Guildford Grove, Barnstaple House and Plymouth House on Devonshire Drive.  The more reps the more chance of us seeing and stopping crime. If you would like to join our growing community contact me here. 
I will shortly arrange a police/neighbourhood watch meeting, but in the meantime, if you need advice on home security or would like to discuss any other policing matter directly to an officer our Safer Neighbourhood Team have a police drop-in surgery at St. Alfege church on the following days:
Fri 18 Jan - 12 - 1pm
Tue 22 Jan - 11 - 12pm
Mon 28 Jan - 7 - 8pm
Sun 3rd Feb 12 - 1pm
Sat 9th Feb 2 - 3pm

I’ll continue to inform you of all future days and times of these surgeries. 
Other news outside the Triangle
A 16 year old has been charged with the murder of 18 year old Aron Warrren from Topham House, Royal Hill on 8th December. It is believed the incident happened inside the flat.

For your information, please find attached minutes of the last Safer Neighbourhoods Panel meeting held on 8th November 2018 here.

Greenwich West Safer Neighbourhood Police Team
Telephone: 020 8284 5494 (not 24 hour service)

Tina Pugh
ATA Security

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