Wednesday 23 January 2019

Deptford Creek developments

Mick Delap has been active recently about Thames Tideway Tunnel traffic plans. But for a while now he has his sights set much wider. For the last few years he has been working to try and ensure that the current and planned wave of building along the Greenwich side of Deptford Creek (including the Thames Tunnel works) fulfils the Greenwich Planning vision of creating a new Creekside Pathway. Greenwich Planning envisages a public pathway that will allow old neighbours like the ATA to join the Creek's growing number of new residents in enjoying the Creek's rich environment, and even richer past.
Mick needs new ideas and new helpers if his campaign is to get anywhere (so far the new developments are literally locking the Creek away, not unlocking it). Mick is starting a new stage of discussion on Thursday, 24th Jan, at 7.30pm in the Ashburnham Arms, with a meeting to exchange campaigning ideas. Do please drop in if you are interested.
Mick will be giving a thumbnail sketch of the Creek's history, then looking very briefly at prospects for a new publicly accessible Creekside Pathway: Greenwich planning targets for the Creek, how current building projects there affect things, what's planned, and what has been done so far to try and advance the prospects for public Creekside access.
As Mick says, "There is so much that I know could be done to unlock the Creek, if we come together to work for it. And much much more that I haven't thought of. Which is where you all come in - with your own ideas for how to campaign more effectively, and how you might help. " Mick adds that, if you are interested, but can't make it to the Ash this Thursday, he would like to hear from you by emailing him at
Wearing another hat, Mick will be talking about the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, and reading his favourite Hopkins poems, this coming Sunday 27th Jan, at Choral Evensong in St Alfege, starting at 6.30pm.

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