Tuesday 19 September 2017

Street party credits

STREET PARTY 2017 CREDITS – we can all thank each other
Neil Sinclair
Food stall

Jo Hall, Lysanne Wilson, Annabel Cowell, Adam Deal, Steve Cowell, Stuart Mulholland, David Walker, Aidan Smith, Maureen O’Mara, Mehboob Khan, Vicky Knock, Neil Bailey, Jared Franicevic, Sanne Franicevic, Sara Emanuel, Chad Rigney, and many cake makers - let us know who you are, so we can thank you.
The Harold Fergus Band, Jo Honey, Clare Portman
Dog show
Tina Pugh, Adam Pugh, Neil Bailey, Jenny Bailey
Raffle prize sourcing
Neil Sinclair, Barbara Reid, Janet Stott, Tara Veitch
Barbara Reid, Janet Stott, Ben Turnbull, Jess Turnbull, Robin Stott
Guess-the-weight-of-the-cake (inc making the cake)
Mary Carter
Face painting and nail painting
Anastasia Haydulina, Lee Bamsey, Frances Currie, Liz Pratt McClean, Ceri Rose, Millie Rose, Anna Shenton, Rebeca Miranda
Making paper animals, bunting and lavender bags,
Jenny Bailey, Lee Bamsey, Ceri Rose, Millie Rose, Anna Shenton, Miew-Cheng Stangroome, Tania Stangroome, Pauline Malaszec
Colouring-in tablecloth
Alison Haworth
Chris Ward
Biscuit decorating and balloon modelling
Alice Gallimore and other members of the South Street Baptist Church
Plant stall
Alison Haworth, Peter Hulme, Caroline Siggins, Sara Emanuel
ATA stall/History tent
Chris Ward, Diana Rimel
Guardians of St Alfege’s embroidered panel
Rosemary Temple, Jenny Mitchell, Ann Steppel
Robin Stott, Eileen Williams, Caroline Evans, Andrew Steeds, Derek Fordham, David Williams, Katy Webster, Sanne Franicevic, Jared Franicevic, Josh Stott, Alastair Currie
Infrastructure (street lay-out, set-up, take-down, PA, gazebos, tables transport, etc)
Tom Webb, Neil Sinclair, Robin Stott, Graeme Elkington, Chris Ward, David Walker, Adam Deal, Imogene Russell, Hugo Sands, Declan, Alice Gallimore, Julian Burgin, the Veitch family, Jasmine Tonge of St Alfege’s, Jo Hall, Annabel Cowell, Steve Cowell, Stuart Mulholland and Lysanne Wilson
Furniture and equipment
The South Street Baptist Church, St Alfege’s Church, St Mark’s Church
Publicity and promotion

Andrew Steeds, Imogene Russell, Neil Sinclair, Chris Ward, Neil Bailey
Poster design
Jenny Bailey
Video (to come)
Chad Rigney
Metropolitan Police Service
PC John Moody on his bike
London Fire Brigade
Fire engine and firemen from Blissett Street
Burgers and sausages
Flock and Herd
Bouncy castle
Highline Adventure
Climbing wall and baby bouldering wall
Highline Adventure

John Payne (climbing walls), Pets at Home (dog show), Greenwich Hound (dog show), Dog Knows, esp Emma Millis (dog show) 
Party production
Neil Sinclair, Imogene Russell, Tom Webb

STREET PARTY 2017 - RAFFLE PRIZES – the ATA thanks these local businesses
Family ticket at Greenwich Theatre
Two tickets at the Picturehouse, Greenwich
Meal for two with bottle of wine from the Richard I
Meal for two with bottle of house wine at The Guildford
Meal for two with bottle of house wine at The Prince of Greenwich
Meal for two with bottle of house wine at Davy's Wine Vaults
Meal voucher for £30 at Kitcho Japanese Restaurant and Bar
Half price meal for two at Zeytin Turkish restaurant
Fish and chip supper for two at the Golden Chippy
Another fish and chip supper for two at the Golden Chippy
Cream tea for two at Royal Teas
Half case of Italian wine from The Prince of Greenwich
Three bottles of house wine from Davy's Wine Shop
Dry cleaning voucher worth £10 at Vina
Another dry cleaning voucher worth £10 at Vina
Dry cleaning voucher at Soma
£30 in vouchers for Greenwich Pilates from Ellie Brown
Compact vacuum cleaner from Peter Hall, Hane Services
Mechanical scales from Peter Hall, Hane Services
Halogen floodlight from Peter Hall, Hane Services

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