Saturday 13 August 2016

Changing skyline of Deptford Creek

Another development is proposed along Deptford Creek. The site, known as Hope Wharf, is next to Mumford’s Mills and is currently occupied by Booker Wholesale, a discount cash and carry warehouse. The site is largely hidden from view by the red and black block of flats on Greenwich High Road. It can be best be seen by visiting Lewisham & Southwark College. The developer, Fairview Homes, held a public consultation in March this year and has now put in a planning application (Reference is 16/1792/F) for:-
  • 125 high quality new homes arranged over 4 to 14 storeys; 
  • a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments; 
  • 44 affordable housing apartments for shared ownership and rent; 
  • commercial space for local businesses; 
  • Creekside garden walk that will allow the public to enjoy the Creekside; and 
  • 24 car parking spaces for residents.

The Ashburnham Triangle Association’s Planning Hub has responded to the planning application. On the whole, we welcome the change to the scheme particularly the proposed public Creekside garden walk; however, the Planning Hub is still concerned by the density of the development, which is significantly above London Density Policy, and the proposed 14 storey tower, which is taller than Mumford’s Mills. The small number of three bedroom apartments for families (19 in total) of which only 9 are affordable is also disappointing. In contrast there are 43 one bed apartments of which 21 are affordable. Over the last few years there have been a number of developments on the Creek such as Kent Wharf and Sun Wharf on the Lewisham side of the Creek. As a result, there has been the potential to turn Creekside into a pleasant active water front of restaurants and small scale retail units. Sadly, however, this opportunity has on the whole been lost particularly on the Greenwich side of the Creek as a number of the new developments do not offer any public interaction at street level and/or the Creek. For more information about this application and the Planning Hub’s response, please see the links below:

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