Tuesday 24 May 2022

The Greenwich swifts are back

Greenwich Swifts are back on their nests above Davy’s Wine Store on Greenwich High Road. To see these amazing fliers over the next twelve weeks that they are with us (before they scoot off back to southern Africa for the winter) all you have to do is to head off to where Langdale Road meets Greenwich High Road  (or, just as good, look over the wall of Greenwich Station’s Platform 2 towards Davy’s while you are waiting for a London train). If you are lucky, sometime in the next ten minutes or so there’ll be a party of swifts screaming over head,  or a more discreet individual slipping in or out of one of the nests under Davy’s Wine Store eaves, where the next generation of these endangered birds are being nurtured. For a bit more about our Greenwich swifts and how the ATA is supporting them, see Mick Delap’s new piece on the ATA web site.

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