Monday 13 December 2021

Boosters and vaccinations at The Valley this weekend

Please join in the pre-Christmas fight against COVID-19, help reduce the strain on the NHS and keep Royal Greenwich safe. Thank you.

Book now to get your booster and vaccination at The Valley on Saturday 18 (8am to 6pm) and Sunday 19 (9am to 6pm) December.

  • They are offering Pfizer booster dose to everyone aged 18 and over, but no sooner than three months after the second dose. 
  • First and second vaccination doses to everyone aged 16 and over
  • Second doses given eight weeks or more following the first dose for 18 and over, and twelve weeks for 16 and 17 year olds.

Walk-ins also available on the day.

Please make your way by train, tube, bus, cycle or on foot to Charlton Athletic Football Club, The Valley, Floyd Rd, London, SE7 8BL. Only some on-site parking is available. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines including wear a face covering inside and maintain two metre distance at all times. Queuing is outside so please dress for the weather.

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