Tuesday 26 April 2016

Tom Webb runs marathon in 3 hours, 2 mins

Brilliantly run, Tom! Congratulations!

Tom Webb of Ashburnham Grove ran the marathon on Sunday in 3 hours or-as-near-as-dammit. That’s ten minutes faster than his time of 3.12 in 2014, which was fast enough to qualify him to run this year. So he’s qualified now for 2017 or 2018. We saw him in Deptford smiling and relaxed and surrounded by his club. By the finish here in the picture he’s on his own and straining every nerve.

He now says laconically, “It kinda went ok-ish. The tank blew at 35k. Legs turned to lead and had tunnel vision. Crowds helped a lot. I did 3.02.26. Bit disappointed not to break 3. I saw the girls (his daughters) in Greenwich and managed to high-five as I went past - that made my day.” I call that a sense of proportion.

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