Wednesday 27 April 2016

Marathon heroes, one on a broken foot

Ellie Brown crossing the finishing line
Congratulations and great respect go to Ellie Brown, Mehboob Khan and Vicky Nock for their marathon exploits.

Ellie has run ten marathons in ten years, and the 2016 London marathon is her second this year! How does a person do so many?! That is a series of serious achievements - and all in fast time too, all around the 4-hour mark. Her slowest time was 4 hours 7 minutes at her first marathon in 2006, her fastest was 3 hours 57 minutes, and this year she did it in 4 hours 4 minutes. Consistent excellence! She is pictured here crossing the finishing line.

She says, “After ten marathons, you’d think it’d get easier, but sadly no! I’ve promised myself and my family that this is the last one, but... they are addictive! And London is special - amazing organisation, efficient volunteers and fantastic crowds who cheer you on for the full 26.2 miles. And there is nothing as special as running through the centre of Greenwich.”

Mehboob is also a marathon hero - for running the last ten miles on a broken foot! Those last miles must be hard enough at the best of times, especially on a first marathon, but to run it in severe pain shows extreme grit. Well done indeed, Mehboob! Our councillor is made of seriously stern stuff. He says, “At 16 miles I felt a sharp pain in my left foot. Apparently I have a fractured bone and will be in a metatarsal boot with crutches for six weeks!”

It was Vicky Nock, his partner, who not only completed her first marathon, which is heroic enough in itself, but also provided the moral support that inspired Mehboob to finish the race with her. By this achievement they raised between them £2,000 for Greenwich and Bexley Hospice. The charity donations website is still open: (And Vicky was the one who made Mehboob seek medical attention. Without her, maybe he’d still be heroically hobbling.)

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