Thursday 1 March 2018

Greenwich's poetry event in the BBC Civilisations Festival, Tuesday March 6th

Irena Hill says:
'Imagine my joy when Debra Sullivan of West Greenwich Library asked me to arrange an event there as partners in the BBC's Civilisations Festival (you've probably read about the new BBC2 series with Simon Shama, Mary Beard and David Olusoga). Museums and libraries were asked to participate in the week-long festival, so here's our slice of the action.

'As a bilingual person and a trained translator, I've always been keen to celebrate both the skill of translators and the immense value of translation in bridging cultures and understanding between people and peoples. Yes, I did study Shakespeare in Italian...

'So I designed an event which touches on ancient civilisations as well as on migration, identity, mother tongues and step-mother tongues...

'Please join me to hear the amazing voices of Adnan Al-Sayegh (Iraq), Shamim Azad and Farah Naz (Bangladesh), Kostya Tsolakis (Greece and Germany), Stephen Watts (England/Italy and translator from Arabic and other languages), as well as of our very own Mick Delap, Lorraine Mariner and Fiona Moore.'

Tuesday March 6th, from 7pm, at West Greenwich Library, SE10 8NN, free

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