Tuesday 15 December 2020

Doorstep Charity Collections

A resident has reported callers at his door claiming to be raising money for GOSH for a child’s operation. 

It is difficult for the charity to confirm if he is genuine without knowing further details so we would advise residents if they are unsure then not to donate any money on the doorstep.  If someone does return then you could ask if they are happy to confirm name and postcode so that the charity could check their records for any fundraisers that they are aware of or if they have a fundraising page that is automatically linked to GOSH Charity so that all donations would go straight to the charity.  Residents can also make donations online via charity websites to reassure them that their donation is going to the correct place.

If you do have any concerns that this may be a scam then we would also recommend contacting the local police to register this with them.


ATA Security 

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