Tuesday 5 November 2019

Do you want to do more for the environment?

The ATA Green Hub is transforming into the “Environment and Gardening Hub”. We will encourage residents to take action to deal with the Climate Crisis as well as continuing with the community gardening. We hope that more people will take part in environmentally friendly activities locally and, more importantly, will urge the Government and Council to do more.
The first thing we are planning is to plant as many trees as possible on National Tree Planting Day 30 November. Did you know that a mature tree can absorb 48 lbs of carbon dioxide per year? So tree planting is a really positive thing we can do to start dealing with the Climate Crisis.
Would you like to plant a tree in your garden? If so we can help by ordering and planting it. The ATA will pay for the compost and stakes.
In addition we will be planting trees in public spaces on Devonshire Drive. We will need lots of people. Would you like to help plant trees on 30 November?
We are also planning to:
  • Continue to work on the Play Street Planter and other street patches of green. Can you join us? It’s enjoyable and good exercise in the open air.
  • Plant more daffodils every year  
  • Encourage people to have beehives
  • Visit the roof gardens on the Stockwell Street building of Greenwich University
  • Hold the annual Plant Swap.
  • Encourage the writing of letters to MPs and Councillors and share them as Mattew Pennycook MP says that he gets very few letters urging the government to take action against the Climate Crisis.
  • Engage with other local climate change activities.

Would you like to receive emails about our activities? If so please email Sara Emanuel

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