Friday 27 September 2019

Complaint made against the ATA - please may we solicit your opinion?

Dear Ashburnham Triangle Residents,
As you know we held our annual ATA Summer street party on 7th Sept. It was a great success and it seemed a good time was had by all. That is with the exception of one resident living in Ashburnham Place.
This resident has written an official letter of complaint to The Environmental Health, Pollution & Residential Services with a complaint. “Complaint of noise nuisance - raised voices, shouting, screaming and loud music from a street party organised by the Ashburnham Triangle Association.” Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 RBG are obliged to investigate. Hence this post and call for your feedback and input into the complaint.
We believed the noise was within acceptance levels for a Saturday afternoon public gathering. What is interesting is that noise is completely subjective and can only be defined by a decibel test which the Greenwich Council environmental team could have done on the day. However the complainant decided she would wait for a week to make the complaint before writing a letter to the Council on September 13th, 2019.
The ATA has been running the street party for over fifteen years and this is the first time someone has complained, but everyone of course is entitled to a view and a voice.
As this is a community event we would like to solicit feedback from other residents as part of our official reply to Greenwich Council.
Please send comments / feedback / views on the street party noise levels to We shall collate all of them without prejudice and write a formal reply.  

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