Thursday 2 May 2019

Update on the Thames Tideway Tunnel

Thames Tideway Tunnel have just re-submitted their Traffic Management plan for the lorry traffic which will take the spoil from the next phase of Super Sewer tunnelling out on Greenwich roads. This period of increased TTT lorry traffic is expected to last for the next three months or so (there'll be another, longer phase of more intense tunnelling starting at the end of the year). You can see this TTT application on the Greenwich Planning Search site, under application no. 19/1499/G. As Mick Delap explains, the new plan replaces the previous one which Planning Committee rejected unanimously at the end of March. And the new proposal looks as if it will affect a far smaller area of the Triangle.
TTT's original Traffic Management proposal had their lorries coming onto the Norman Road tunnel site off the A2 via Greenwich South Street, then round past Greenwich Station and the Queen Elizabeth Alms Houses, and up Greenwich High Road, to turn right into Norman Road. They would then have left, full of tunnel dirt, to head on south down Greenwich High Road and back onto the A2. Planning Committee agreed with local residents that such a route would bring increased HGV traffic through an unnecessarily large area of the local residential community. Now TTT are proposing a route which keeps their lorries away from Greenwich South Street and the area of Greenwich Station. Instead, they are proposing bringing their lorries into the Triangle at the junction of the A2 and Greenwich High Road. The HGV's will then turn left into Norman Road, where they will be checked out at a Vehicle Holding Area outside Norman House. After being waved on to the tunnelling site to pick up tunnel spoil, they will return to the A2 via Norman Road and Greenwich High Road. The new proposal would require restricting the north bound lane of Norman Road, where it joins with Greenwich High Road, to TTT lorries only. So that part of Norman Road would become one way, for the three or four months that this phase of tunnelling lasts. The new scheme greatly reduces the area of the Triangle affected by the increase in HGV traffic. However, more lorries at the Norman Road junction with Greenwich High Road will make an already difficult junction even more hazardous. Pedestrians trying to cross Norman Road by the North Pole pub, to move up or down the High Road, or into or out of Lovibond Lane, will be most affected. The ATA is already working with Councillor Mehboob Khan and Greenwich Traffic Officers to provide more security for pedestrians around the Norman Road part of the junction - and for pedestrians waiting at the A2 / High Road traffic lights, where the loaded HGV's will be turning left out of the High Road back onto the A2. The ATA also hopes to work with any local businesses along the directly affected section of Greenwich High Road who may suffer from the increase in HGV traffic. Do please use the application's Greenwich Planning web page to make a comment on what is being proposed. And if you want to share it with me, my email is 
And if you want to discuss their plans with Thames Tideway Tunnel, or catch up on any aspect of the Greenwich and Deptford Super Sewer activity, there is a quarterly Community Liaison Working Group meeting this Tuesday 7th May, at 7.00 p.m. in the Creekside Centre, on the Deptford side of the Halfpenny Hatch Bridge. All welcome.

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