Thursday 16 May 2019

Swifts and the Cutty Sark

A message from the ATA’s Mick Delap.
The Ashburnham Triangle swifts are back, nesting again in numbers in the eaves of Davy's Wine Shop. I find the sight of a swift swooping onto a nest is one of my most exciting wildlife experiences. If the swift has bred here before, then it will not have closed its wings for a whole year. A year that will have taken these wind travellers down to West Africa, then across to East and Southern Africa. And then back. Without ever closing their wings. And if it's a Greenwich swift breeding here for the first time as an adult, it won't have closed its wings for an extraordinary three years. Until now. Go and see for yourself.
Meanwhile, I am in need of urgent help. I am putting on a performance next Friday, 24th of May, on the Cutty Sark. It will be an evening of poetry and live music, paying tribute to the age of sail, in the theatre deep in the cargo hold of that other great wind machine, the Cutty Sark. See full details by clicking here. But tickets are going slowly, and the Cutty Sark management are worried. So, do come, do book your tickets now - and do pass on the details to anyone else you think might be interested.

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