Wednesday 19 December 2018

The junction of Greenwich South Street, Blissett Street and Devonshire Drive

We have been advised that the Royal Borough of Greenwich are undertaking a public consultation for a walking, cycling, and public realm scheme which they are proposing to deliver at the junction of Greenwich South Street, Blissett Street and Devonshire Drive.
You may have received consultation documents (attached) which have been distributed to over 800 addresses around the junction, however, any resident or business can respond to this consultation by visiting:     
The scheme’s objectives are to:

  • Improve the facilities for pedestrians and cyclists wishing to cross Greenwich South Street
  • Reduce the speed of vehicles travelling through the junction to improve safety
  • Improve the public realm with addition of trees, wider footways, and use of high quality materials

What are the proposed improvements?

  • Relocation of existing zebra crossing on Greenwich South Street. The crossing will be closer to the junction and therefore the desire line of pedestrians
  • Addition of a parallel crossing allowing cyclists to cross safely too
  • Raised entries on Blissett Street and Devonshire Drive to reduce vehicle speeds and improve crossing facilities for pedestrians walking along Greenwich South Street
  • Addition of new trees to landscape the area and create an attractive space for users
  • Wider footways around the junction to improve the walking environment

The consultation will be open until Friday 25th January 2019 so we would be grateful to receive consultation responses by this date.
Council Officers will also host a drop-in session on Tuesday 8th January, 6-8pm @ Jubilee Hall, Blissett Street, SE10 8UU to answer any questions you may have about the proposals.
Consultation document and questions are here. Detailed drawing is here.

Please note that this proposal is not a traffic management scheme and does not propose any changes to local access for vehicles

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