Monday 3 December 2018

Opening up Deptford Creek

Mick Delap needs the help of as many ATA members as possible to persuade Greenwich Planning authorities to do more to open up Deptford Creek to public access. Please support Mick by lodging an objection to the current planning application for a new block of flats on the Creek at Saxon Wharf - by this Friday, 7th December. Look up Planning Application 18/1594/F on the Greenwich Planning Search site, and follow instructions re making a comment. The developers promise they will create a Creekside pathway that's open to the public (and that what they build will enhance the historic and listed 19th century Greenwich Railway Bridge). Three other Creekside developments have already been completed. Not one of them has lived up to similar promises to open up their Creekside sites to the public, or enhance the Creek's historic heritage. Why should we believe this set of promises will be any different? For more information, see Mick's full note here. And if you can, let Mick know you have lodged an objection:

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