Thursday 27 December 2018

End of an era

Early days in the garden – Kay (Deputy Manager), Janet, Ed, Cliona, Sara, Imogene and Audrey 
Sadly, the home for people with learning disabilities at 75 Ashburnham Grove is about to close. However all the residents have had a choice of places to move to and Harry will be able to come back to The Ash regularly as he will only be a bus ride away.
The home is owned and run by the Council. They have decided to close it because the building is dilapidated and would be very expensive to repair. In any case the layout is no longer fit for purpose especially because some of the residents are elderly and many need a lot of physical help. The managers and staff were sad about the decision but felt it was the right one as it had become hard to care for the residents in the building.
The residents have already started moving out, they will all have left by early January. The staff will get jobs in other homes. The Council is considering what to do with the site and will be consulting local residents in due course.
Us gardeners will miss our monthly get together with residents Harry and George. The garden is looking good after nine years of our efforts and it has produced some fine fruit and veg. We will continue to look after more visible green patches in the triangle, especially the planter on the play street.
If anyone needs plants or gardening equipment, we may be able to retrieve some for you before the home closes and the diggers move in. Please email
Sara Emanuel and Janet Stott

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