Saturday 25 August 2018

ATA charities

The ATA are delighted to let you know that we’ve sent donations on your behalf to the four charities that you chose to support through the fundraising activities of the ATA. They are

Tommy's exists to save babies' lives. They do this by funding medical research into the causes and prevention of pregnancy complications and loss, and provide evidence-based pregnancy information to parents-to-be.

Deborah Ubee Trust
The Deborah Ubee Trust aims to promote emotional health by provide counselling to those who are otherwise unable to access it, within the London boroughs of Greenwich

GRACE (Greenwich Refugee Aid & Community Enterprise)
Grace responds to the growing refugee crisis sending aid to those in need. We send clothing donations and essential supplies to (but not limited to) France, Greece and Syria. We also support similar groups and charities with their projects in the UK and beyond.

Water For Kids
In 20 years Water for Kids has transformed the lives of over 390,000 people. Water for Kids has improved health and education, reduced poverty and, above all, saved lives. Children have been able to attend school, because of fewer cases of diarrhoea, cholera and worms. A safe water supply means the community can grow food to eat and sell and can build better homes and new classrooms more easily.

We’ll be holding our annual Street Party this year on Sunday 16th September from 12 noon. Sponsored by Felicity J Lord, we’ll be donating further funds generated on the day to these charities and our projects in the triangle.

Thanks again for all your help and money raised.
Chris Ward

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