Wednesday 30 May 2018

Safer Neighbourhood Update

The Safer Neighbourhood Panel met on Thursday 24th May.

At the meeting it was confirmed the South Pole nightclub, situated directly below the North Pole bar in Greenwich High Road, has had its licence revoked. The North Pole has over 30 conditions on its current licence and Osman Zinnureyn has been removed as the DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor). Below are the new opening hours for the North Pole:
North Pole

Mon - Wed: Premises to close and clear of all patrons by midnight (no change to original licence)
Thursday: Premises to close and clear of all patrons by 12:30pm (no change to original licence)
Fri & Sat : Premises to close and clear of all patrons by 01:00am (a reduction of 2 hours from original licence)
Sunday: Premises to close and clear of all patrons by 11:00pm (no change to the bar but a reduction of half an hour to the restaurant).

MOPAC stats suggest there is a rise in burglary including theft from outhouses such as sheds and garages throughout Greenwich, although the figures for the Triangle are still low. We have 3 recorded burglaries in the last three months and 17 in total in Greenwich West.

However, theft from motor vehicles is a continuing problem not only within the Triangle but throughout West Greenwich with mopeds and scooters being particularly targeted together with vans whereby thieves are looking for work tools. Please do not leave any tools in the vehicle overnight and can I also remind everyone to make sure you do not leave anything of value on display in a car whilst parked. Don't even leave loose change. A car has been broken into for as little as 50p.

It has also come to our attention of a young white male with blond hair depositing rubbish into various bins throughout the Triangle, usually flats, during the very early hours of the morning (between 2am-4am) using what appears to be a homemade wheelbarrow. If you know who this is, please contact me.

On policing matters, with ongoing cost cutting to the Met, Tri BCU (Borough Command Unit) is being introduced to our area. Greenwich, Lewisham and Bexley Police forces are to be merged. A pilot scheme was rolled out in East London last year with mixed results.

For your information, please find the minutes from the meeting held on 7th March 2018 by clicking here.

Tina Pugh

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