Saturday 8 July 2017

Beware, bogus callers in the area

It has come to our attention that bogus callers are once again operating within the Ashburnham Triangle, pretending to be from a utility company to read gas/electric meters. Our local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team have been alerted but please be extra vigilant when answering your door. If the caller requests to read your meters ask which company they are from and check their ID. The bogus caller on this occasion said he was from ABC which doesn't exist, but he still gained access to a residents home.

Remember, when a stranger calls and BEFORE you open your front door:

  • Do use your door viewer, or look through your front window to see who is there.
  • Do always be cautious about any unknown man, woman or child who comes to your door, without arranging it with you first.
  • Don't ever let anyone into your home unless they are someone you know and trust. You do not have to let them in and they must leave if you ask them to.
  • Do always ask anyone claiming to be from a utility company for ID and ask to see it.  Make sure YOU know who your utility company is.
  • Keep the door closed or use the door chain while you check it thoroughly and call their head office if you feel unsure. Be wary of anyone who claims to be in a hurry to gain quick access.
  • Never ring the number on the ID card as it may be fake.
  • If you ever feel at all unsure, schedule a time for the caller to come back again when a friend or relative can be with you.

And if you are in any doubt, keep them out!

Tina Pugh / David Scales
Security Hub

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