Thursday 4 May 2017

New sign for Golden Chippy?

The present sign
When Chris Kanizi put up this sign outside his Golden Chippy, he didn't realise he needed planning permission for it, until Greenwich Council asked him to take it down. He's put in a planning application now and a decision is pending.

His case is:
*the sign is not illuminated,
*it carries on a long tradition of signs of that size in that position (see the picture below),
*it's smaller than the one on the Turkish restaurant opposite, 
*it's less obtrusive than many signs in central Greenwich.

The top left picture in this frame shows a sign in 1940

The place to either support or object to this application is the Council's planning portal using the search function with the Reference Number 17/1258/A. Or you can write directly to The Planning Department, 5th Floor, Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, SE18 6HQ, stating the above Reference Number and marked for the attention of Victoria Geoghegan. The consultation period expires on the 25th May.

Supporters can also put their names to Chris's petition for the Council to allow the sign. The petition is on paper in the Golden Chippy.

In November last year the Golden Chippy received a Trip Advisor rating as London's Best Restaurant! Chris says this accolade has brought inquiries and visits from customers as far afield as Hong Kong and Alaska.

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