Tuesday 25 April 2017

Three posts re-posted

If you receive posts by email, rather than looking on the website, you may have missed some. This is because very occasionally two posts go out by email on the same day, and when this happens there appears (for abstruse technical reasons) a large white space between them, so that the post below that space can easily be missed. So, to find out whether people actually see a second post, I've gathered together here three of the less time-sensitive second posts, in the hope that you would let us know whether you've seen them before, at imogenerussell1@gmail.com  If you are viewing this message on the website, this problem does not appear.

The first post is immediately here. Scroll down past the white space for the others - unless you are looking at the notices on the website, where there is no white space between posts.

This one went out three days ago on April 22nd:
Better late than never

Neil Sinclair writes:

After more than a year, repairs to the boundary wall of the John Penn and Widow Smith alms houses on Greenwich South Street have been completed.
The builders have done a splendid job, although (if we're being really picky) it's a pity they couldn't have salvaged more of the original red bricks and white coping stones.

Let's hope the repairs last as long as the original wall, which dates back to the late 19th century when the now Grade II listed alms houses were built.

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