Sunday 11 September 2016

Could you lend a hand at the street party?

Lysanne, Annabel and Steve setting up the food stall
A fair number of people help with the street party. Good fun and the more the merrier. Listed below are places where there are some gaps still to fill.
  • Food stall - flipping burgers, selling food
  • Putting up gazebos, tables, etc in the morning 
  • Raffle - circulating to sell tickets
And seated places:
  • Gate duty - taking donations
  • Guess-the-weight-of-the-cake - recording guesses 
  • Face painting - seated, but active later on
  • Plant stall - selling plants
Lee face painting
Facepainting is something your young children would love you to do. If you’re willing to try, Lee and Frances can show you how.  Contact Frances on or Lee on

Sometimes a queue forms for face painting
Stalls already fully staffed are: spin painting, dog show, children’s crafts, raffle stall, climbing wall, bouncy castle, music.
If you’d like to join in, in any way, contact Tina Pugh on, Tom Webb on, Imogene Russell on or Neil Sinclair on

On the gate, late on: Rob and daughters are just counting up now 

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