ATA card

The Ashburnham Triangle Residents’ Discount Card

If you live in the Ashburnham Triangle you are entitled to a residents’ discount card. The discount card was launched by the ATA in 2012 and it offers residents a minimum discount of 10% at participating outlets. We hope you enjoy it.

Where can you use it?

Soma Dry Cleaning

Terms and conditions

The Ashburnham Triangle residents’ discount card is offered only to residents of The Ashburnham Triangle conservation area, as defined by Greenwich Council. Discounts offered are set by each and every individual participating business and may be reduced or withdrawn at their sole discretion. At the time that goods or services are being offered you should check prior to purchase that the discount is available, if so the amount of discount and what if any other conditions apply. Some businesses may require proof of residence within the Triangle, and/or that you are added to a customer list for communication of news or future promotions. The Ashburnham Triangle Association (ATA) gains no advantage from the issuance of this card and makes no representations or warranties about the goods or services provided. This card is not intended to create legal relations between you and the ATA or you and any business participating in the scheme. The discount once granted at the time of sale relates solely to the purchase at the time made and will not affect your rights in respect of that purchase. Only one card will be issued per household within the Triangle. If a card is lost or stolen a charge will be made for the reissue of a replacement card. The card scheme may be withdrawn by the ATA at any time without notice.