You’re Already A Member, You Just Don’t Know It!

The Ashburnham Triangle Association is a community association. Everyone who lives or works in the Triangle is automatically a member of the ATA.

Greenwich Council defines the Ashburnham Triangle Conservation Area (what we call the Ashburnham Triangle). The exact properties within the boundaries change as new planning applications are appraised by the council.

The conservation area as originally defined comprises:

Ashburnham Grove
Ashburnham Place
Ashburnham Retreat
Burgos Grove
Catherine Grove
Devonshire Drive
Egerton Drive
Guildford Grove
Langdale Road
Greenwich High Road – 30-104 even numbers, including Melanie Klein House, Miller House and The Jubilee Trust Almshouses
Greenwich South Street
Blackheath Road – Magistrates Court, 11-79 odd numbers, including Catherine House (no 31).

About the Ashburnham Triangle Association

The Ashburnham Triangle is so called after the Ashburnham family who sold the land for housing in the mid nineteenth century. Its historic status was recognised when the Triangle was made a conservation area in 1980. Greenwich Council defines the Triangle as the patchwork of properties both within three boundary roads, and immediately along the other side of those roads. The roads are Greenwich South Street, Greenwich High Road, and Blackheath Road.

A flourishing community has evolved over the years, and in 1975 many residents came together to form the Ashburnham Triangle Association, under the leadership of Ewan Hooper, actor, founder of The Greenwich Theatre and still a Triangle resident. The initial aims were to represent the views of residents to the council and other external bodies. Today our aims are to build on the already vibrant community; to inspire, inform and support residents; and, through establishing ever more links between the c2,000 people who live and work in the Triangle, to reap the benefits of living in a convivial community.

Please do get involved or come along just to see what’s going on. Come along to volunteer for one of the hubs. Come along with ideas to set up new hubs. Come along to our regular annual general meetings. Come along with ideas for improving life in the community or just come along to one of the many social events to meet neighbours and friends.


Your data privacy and the Ashburnham Triangle Association
In compliance with  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 25th May the following confirms the data the Ashburnham Triangle Association holds and how we use it:
  • We record and hold members’ names and email addresses and, if provided, property addresses so that we can distribute the ATA discount card to households who apply for it
  • Postal addresses are only used by us to confirm the location of households requesting the cards and are not shared with any other companies
  • We use our membership email distribution list to automatically email new information relating to the Ashburnham Triangle area and ATA activities as posted regularly on the ATA website, www.ashburnhamtriangle.com
  • We may also, from time to time, use the ATA mailing list to elicit voluntary feedback from our membership to develop a better understanding of members’ interests relating to the Association’s activities
If you have any questions about this, please contact us via the CONTACT US form on the website's home page. Also, if you wish opt out of communications with the Ashburnham Triangle at any time please use the CONTACT US form.

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