Thursday 8 June 2023

Local Security Update

The SNT ward panel met on Tuesday 23 May.

The ward are currently looking for new members from all areas of Greenwich Park and Greenwich Creekside wards. 


Local crime statistic are available at


See below for a brief lowdown on the main issues recently in each ward:


Creekside- Street robberies and phone snatches along Creek Road. The robberies happen throughout the day and cover Creek Road, Millennium Quay, New Capital Quay, Town Centre and areas around Greenwich Park and High Road. Ongoing operations in the area to tackle this


Park ward- robbery issue (phones snatches), violent crime (drugs related near town centre), distraction burglaries 

Re. Distraction burglaries, please try to raise awareness of this issues elderly/vulnerable residents (friends, neighbours, family). Individuals may approach addresses with high vis and attempt to gain access by saying they have noticed an issue. 

- Bike thefts continue

- Graffiti in the colonnades and in the cycle route at ORNC

- Recent car thefts in area reported, particularly of VW and Alfa Romeo cars

Ashburnham Triangle- There was a recent robbery in broad daylight in the area. Male was followed home from the DLR during the day and was robbed at knife point on his doorstep. SNT officers have looked into the investigation and are going to visit the victim.


Our local SNT officer is PC Jaime Welch who is supported by PCSO AK.

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