Thursday 12 November 2020

Parcel delivery thefts

There are reports of a number of parcel robberies in the Triangle. These are occurring quite brazenly at all times of day and appears to be by individual(s) who scope to see if anybody is watching or visible, and take the parcel from the doorstep.
If you are expecting a regular delivery (grocery, flowers etc) please try to collect this from your doorstep quickly. If you are making an online purchase and find that you will not be in for delivery, please think to contact a neighbour to take it in for you. Some companies (e.g. Amazon) also offer drop off hubs, e.g. local shops, who will hold the delivery securely until you collect with ID.
If you notice a neighbour’s delivery outside for an extended period, perhaps think of contacting them or taking it in for safe keeping.
If you do have any CCTV or doorbell footage please send to the security email:

Claire, ATA security

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