Thursday 26 April 2018

Marathon aftermath: how did it go?

First half fun, second half hard, heat harsh, crowds great

Nearly there: Tom in The Mall
Tom Webb said:
'It was sort of fun. The first half was like a good day out seeing your mates and being at a carnival. The real business started at 16 miles when the pain kicked in. I did 3.00.09 which is a bit gutting as it’s so close to starting with a 2 but it was a pb and it was v hot. Anyway yeh it was a great event. Crowds amazing and almost packed end to end of the marathon route. I think I will be hobbling for a week!'

Tina Pugh said:
'The heat was a real killer! I started off ok but my pace slowed by the halfway mark. By mile 14 I felt physically sick and didn’t think I would make it. But the support from the crowds was so amazing they really kept me going. The last two miles felt like a marathon in itself and never seemed to end. I didn’t do it in the time I wanted, but considering I was still recovering from a knee injury and ran the hottest ever London Marathon, coming in at 4:41:29 isn’t too bad!'

Nearly there: Tina in The Mall
It isn't too late to contribute to what their running has brought in to their chosen charities. 

Tina's charity is Tommy's, which funds research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth

Another Greenwich runner was Oscar Macdonald who ran to raise money for the Greenwich Winter Night Shelter in east Greenwich where he is a volunteer. He has raised over £3k so far for this organisation which provides overnight shelter and hot meals for homeless guests, and relies on volunteers and donations.

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