Tuesday 27 February 2018

Charity Collectors, Bogus Doorstep Callers/Workers and Mysterious Chalk Marks

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An Egerton Drive resident was visited on three separate occasions last week from three different people purporting to be collecting donations for the NSPCC. Please be very wary of bogus Charity Callers and if you are at all suspicious of their identity contact the Police and let the Charity know. 

Image result for bogus charity collector imagesWe have also been notified of a resident who was approached by two white males offering to clean the gutters. This they did for £25, not an unreasonable amount, but then went on to claim that they had discovered a leaking roof/wall that needed work on. The repairs to the wall are not required and it appeared to be an attempt to defraud the resident by doing unnecessary building work. There were also concerns these men might have been planning a burglary. Fortunately the resident wised up to this and reported the incident to our Safer Neighbourhoods Police.

In a separate incident in January a couple of men, apparently from Teeside, disturbed residents in Ashburnham Grove by knocking on doors asking for money. They were rude and surly and said they were down from Teeside and needed help with their rehabilitation.
 If you come across bogus doorstep workmen/women or cold callers and are suspicious please contact the police on 999 while they are still in the area. It is worth notifying Trading Standards of any incidents so they can warn people of uninvited traders. They can also send out No Cold Caller stickers particularly for older and vulnerable residents for window or door display, which can be an effective deterrent. Contact Tina Gibbons, Trading Standards Officer, 
tina.gibbons@royalgreenwich.gov.uk for more information.    

A member of the public has contacted the Police after noticing a series of chalk marks leading from Norman Road into Egerton Drive then into Ashburnham Grove.  These marks consist of a line of arrows with a cross at the end. It is possible these signs might be to do with a utility company but there are concerns they may have been left by burglars identifying houses to break into so please be vigilant. 

There will be a Safer Neighbourhoods Police meeting on Wednesday 7th March. You can contact us about any policing related matters or issues we can bring to the attention of the police on your behalf by

David Scales
ATA Security Hub

Safer Neighbourhoods Police contact details
Phone: 020 8284 5494
E-mail: henry.lawton@met.police.uk (PCSO Henry Lawton)
E-mail: westgreenwich.snt@met.police.uk
By mail: Greenwich Park Police Station, Greenwich Park, Blackheath Gate, Greenwich, SE10 8QY

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