Monday 17 July 2017

Community Garden needs support Wednesday evening

Town Hall, Wellington Street
The fate of the Royal Hill Community Garden is to be decided at a full Greenwich Council meeting on Wednesday evening, 19th July.

Mehboob Khan, one of our ward councillors, will speak for the petition that the Community Garden be allowed to continue, as an environmental and community asset.

The more supporters there are in the public gallery for the petition, the better chance it stands.

Tony Othen, who founded the garden when the police no longer needed the space for a car park, submitted this petition in March this year with 891 signatures. Tony and many other gardeners have turned this piece of rough land into an inviting, green and lovely spot for all of us to use.

The meeting will be at Woolwich Town Hall, Wellington Street, SE18 6PW.
020 8921 5009.  020 8854 8888. 020 89216427.

Enter through the front door (pictured) and the porter will tell you where the council meeting is - most likely up the stairs past the statue of Queen Victoria.

I can't find out from the Greenwich Borough website what time the meeting starts, but presumably one of the phone numbers above will yield that information during office hours. And Tony Othen recommends getting there at about 8pm.

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